Phoca Gallery deletes data from your database


Phoca Gallery is now deleting stuff from your database.

Phoca Gallery v2.6.1 added a new function called correctRender.

Function correctRender searches for both the Redact and the ReReplacer plugins. If the Redact plugin is found it then searches the data stored in the jos_plugins database table to see if the Redact parameters settings includes "". If the ReReplacer plugin is found, it then searches the data stored in the jos_rereplacer database table to see if it includes "".

Then it changes your data in the database.

It runs an UPDATE query to change your data in an attempt to prevent users from deleting the link to It is NEVER acceptable to delete anything in a user's database or on their website without their knowledge and permission.

Look here:

function correctRender - Starts at line 502

Thanks to kenmcd on the forums and to GPL on our blog for pointing that out.

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