New Biggie documentary excels in one aspect

The new Netflix documentary "Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell" doesn't bring anything new for hardcore fans of the famous rapper. While being well executed, the storytelling is bland and doesn't really touch on the legal side of things. You can get more on that from my short interview with Greg Kading, the detective who solved Biggie's murder. But what really impressed me was the analysis of Christopher Wallace's musical inspirations, like his Jamaican background and more. The film is worth watching, even if there are people interviewed that should keep quiet, like the pompous Mr. Combs.

In the doc, Gwendolyn Wallace, Biggie's 96 year old grandmother, simply said:

I can't understand why... they had to take away his life like that.

That question will forever remain unanswered, since most of the people involved are long 'gone'. And the ones still around are living their carefree rockstar lives. Unfortunately for them, their billion dollar fortune will not come in handy on Judgment Day.

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