The ENTER key

In the last few years, keyboards have gradually changed from "typing-only" keyboards to multimedia keyboards and beyond. In this process, the ENTER key has changed its shape. This is not new, but the novelty is that 99% of all keyboards sold today have a small ENTER hey. So there's no choice anymore. It's a good thing I stocked up on some old-fashioned keyboards from Chicony.

Here's what I mean:

enter key

I simply cannot use a small-enter-key keyboard, I keep pressing the wrong keys while typing and so on. I don't know how people cope with this or don't even consider it and issue. I mean, ergonomically speaking, isn't this small-enter-key design crappy?

2 comentarii

  1. 14 Feb 2011 la 23:55

    Ciudat. Enter-ul meu nu se incadreaza in niciuna dintre categorii. :) Seamana cu cel vechi, dar e rasturnat.

  2. 15 Feb 2011 la 10:26

    cel vechi, rasturnat, e si el un standard. tot naspa.

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