Small mistake of a huge campaign

Adidas rolled out its new slogan to the world, "All In", as they unveiled the "All Adidas" brand marketing campaign that the company said is its most expensive ever. The company views the campaign as a driving force behind efforts to decrease the distance between itself and the world's largest sports equipment brand, Nike.

beckham is all in, messi is all in, katy is all in, adidas is all in. In other words, those people are fully commited to Adidas and Adidas is fully commited to them. But there is one tiny slip.

Although slightly archaic, the expression "all in" is still used among the British with a different meaning. Being "all in" means "extremely tired" and, sometimes, "at wit's end". This puts a funny twist on the whole campaign:

beckham is tired, messi is as well, katy is beat, adidas is at wit's end. That defeats the whole purpose of the money spending marry-go-round.

That's about it, really. It's 2 AM and I gotta hit the sheets. I'm all in.

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