Save FLV streams off RTMP

I recently had a problem saving one particular rtmp stream. I've tried proven software like Replay Media Catcher, Orbit Downloader and tried GetFLV, but to no avail.

Where every other commercial software failed, free code succeeded: rtmpdump aved the day!

rtmpdump is a console application that allows to dump RTMP and secure RTMPE streams to your hard drive.

Example of usage:
rtmpdump -r "rtmp://host/dir/file.flv" -o filename.flv

If you see the following the "WARNING: Download may be incomplete, try --resume!" message, try to use the --resume option:
rtmpdump -r "rtmp://host/dir/file.flv" -o filename.flv --resume

rtmpdump parameters:

* --help|-h Prints this help screen.
* --rtmp|-r url URL (e.g. rtmp//hotname[:port]/path)
* --host|-n hostname Overrides the hostname in the rtmp url
* --port|-c port Overrides the port in the rtmp url
* --protocol|-l Overrides the protocol in the rtmp url (0 - RTMP, 3 - RTMPE)
* --playpath|-y Overrides the playpath parsed from rtmp url
* --swfUrl|-s url URL to player swf file
* --tcUrl|-t url URL to played stream (default: "rtmp://host[:port]/app")
* --pageUrl|-p url Web URL of played programme
* --app|-a app Name of player used
* --swfhash|-w hexstring SHA256 hash of the decompressed SWF file (32 bytes)
* --swfsize|-x num Size of the decompressed SWF file, required for SWFVerification
* --auth|-u string Authentication string to be appended to the connect string
* --flashVer|-f string Flash version string
* --live|-v Save a live stream, no --resume (seeking) of live strems possible
* --flv|-o string FLV output file name, if the file name is - print stream to stdout
* --resume|-e Resume a partial RTMP download
* --timeout|-m num Timeout connection num seconds
* --buffer|-b Buffer time in milliseconds, this option makes only sense in stdout mode
* --skip|-k num Skip num keyframes when looking for last keyframe to resume from. Useful if resume fails

Now you can enjoy downloading those hard-to-save videos to your hard drive!

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  1. 1 Mar 2010 la 22:43

    Nice one. I'm wondering if it works with MySpace mp3s...

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