Pink live at the Isle of Wight Festival, 13.06.2010

On TV it's shown like it's done so quickly, but we had to like wait 5 mins or so after "Just Like A Pill" to the flying act but still amazing, and woo that fire was sooo hot, must've been even hotter for her in the air. But amazing, really amazing. She also rolled over the audience in a giant hamster ball, i haven't got that footage at the moment, but i'm trying to... so stay tuned :) - Flopsykw

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Grazie, Hoinaru!

3 comentarii

  1. 17 Jun 2010 la 23:08

    WOW! Este incredibila fata asta. Tot respectul. Si multumesc si eu pentru imaginile astea.

  2. 18 Jun 2010 la 19:03

    Tata a zis: "asta nu moare acasa" :))

  3. 19 Jun 2010 la 00:54



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