Pentru afoni, Zgomotech

Iar m-am enervat azi, chiar tre' sa fi cel putin muzicant ca sa apreciezi mai mult decat mp3-urile-alea jegoase?

Am un X-Meridian de la Auzentech si ma gandeam ca dupa nici juma de an tre' sa-mi fac upgrade :D Si cum placa e luata din Anglia si adusa cu grija de o amica, ar fi fost mai greu. Dar iata ca Auzentech s-a complicat prin concubinajul cu Creative, pentru ca depinde de driverele lor (cumva, nu stiu cum).

Un text pentru cei interesati:

The X-Fi Prelude measured a fair amount better than the X-Meridian or the X-Fi XtremeMusic with RMAA 6. The two key measurements, THD and IMD, were at least an order of magnitude better than either the X-Fi XtremeMusic or X-Meridian. In critical listening tests, I found the X-Fi Prelude to be just a little too laid back compared to Auzentech's other sound card, the X-Meridian. Towards the end of the listening tests, though, I started to adjust to it, and noticed that the midrange (where the vocals are) is exceptionally clear. The overal detail is still there, but soundstage is a little farther away from your head when listening to it. Being a musician, I still prefer the up-front 'attitude' of the X-Meridian compared to the more relaxed Prelude. Perhaps I could swap op-amps and see what that does.

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