Mai vechi si mai noi

Trimite acum doua capace de cosciug cu numele tau la oficiul cavou si poti castiga marele premiu: o garsoniera cu usa in tavan. premiul doi: 100.000 de viermi. premii instant: 50 de colaci, 300 de lumanari, o coroana de flori si 5 kg de coliva. amin!


Bored of sitting on your hand till its numb to make it feel like someone else is wanking you off?

Then why not try sitting on your knob, to make it feel like your wanking off some one else.

Alternatively, for the voyeurs amongst you, sit on your hand and your knob, so it feels like watching someone wanking someone else off...


"How did you find your steak sir?" The waiter asked

"Easy, I just lifted up a chip and there it was."


What do the stock exchange and your mate's wife have in common?

When they go down you never hear the end of it.

Blah, blah, blah