How to treat your Optical Discs

1. Avoid fingerprints. Touch the CD, DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD at the edge or in the inner circle of the media. Scratches, fingerprints, dust will shorten the disc life.

2. Use a smooth, fuzz-free cloth/fabric for cleaning.

3. Protect your CDs and DVDs from sunlight, smoke and any corrosive gases. The discs are very sensitive to UV-light.

4. Avoid heat, the disc surface can be bent. Store your disc at approx. 20-25 C° and 55% relative atmospheric humidity.

5. Store your CDs and DVDs upright in a jewel or slim case. Do not stack the discs, they can be bent. Do not use sleeves that emit chemicals or leave scratches.

6. Do not leave the CDs and DVDs in the drive or in your car, temperature is too high.

7. Do not use labels. Labels can cause disc warping because they tend to shrink in warm environment in the drive and they can cause unbalances during rotation.

8. Do not remove the label from the disc surface, the data layer can be damaged.

9. For labeling the disc surface use only smooth CD/DVD markers. Do not use unsuitable writing materials such as solvent-containing pens or ballpoints, they can damage the recording layer. Inkjet printable media is available for full colour disc surface printing. Lightscribe media can be used for lightscribing the disc giving a special label as well.

10. Do not drop, bend or scratch the inner ring of the disc. Damages can be caused during pulling them out roughly from cheap jewel cases or video boxes.

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    cred ca sunt corigent la acest test

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    Majoritatea e, de aceea am postat.

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    acu, la final, cand le mai foloseste nimeni?

  4. 2 Dec 2011 la 18:27

    cand NU*

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    sper sa nu fie asa! sper ca discurile optice sa nu dispara, n-am chef de stocare in "cloud" si alte d-astea...

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