Good Riddance, Steven Gerrard!

Steven Gerrard's Liverpool lost to Crystal Palace in Steven Gerrard's farewell game at Steven Gerrard's Anfield. Steven Gerrard's fans were quite quiet throughout and Steven Gerrard looked a little aghast to be Steven Gerrard as each embarrassing minute spoiled Steven Gerrard's big day.

But make no mistake, Steven Gerrard has been a club and league legend, single-handedly winning the Steven Gerrard Champions League, the Steven Gerrard FA Cup and assorted other minor competitions. These do not include the Very Definitely Not Steven Gerrard's Premier League.

Steven Gerrard will always hold a place in all of our hearts for what is now known as the ‘Steven Gerrard slip' and the ‘Steven Gerrard red card' and for going out in a blaze of incompetence.

Like Steven Gerrard's Sky Sports and Steven Gerrard's BBC, I will desperately miss him, because without Steven Gerrard what fun is there in beating Steven Gerrard's Liverpool? I dunno. I'll miss you Steven Gerrard.

Godspeed you bringer of world peace and an end to famine you. Xxx

steven gerrard slip

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