18 year olds...

- think it's awesome you own a car
- think it's super kewl you have your own place
- loves drinking with you
- compares you to boys who live with their parents
- plays xbox games with you

Girls your age...

- wish you drove a better car
- complain about how messy your apartment is
- want you to buy them a drink then they leave you at the bar
- tell all their girlfriends everything about you
- hate it when you play xbox

Older women...

- make more money than you but don't care about that
- make drinks for you
- love how energetic and healthy you are
- compare you to their husband and that has everything, but stopped paying attention to them
- have a higher sex drive... so screw the xbox!

3 comentarii

  1. 23 Mar 2011 la 21:24

    D-asta sunt bune diferentele de varsta :)) eu caut o batranica acum ca xboxul s-a stricat :))

  2. 23 Mar 2011 la 23:24

    batranica maxim 38 de ani, zic. nu? :))

  3. 24 Mar 2011 la 09:16

    :)) exact

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