Futurama episode viewing order

Here's an up-to-date list of episodes in the correct viewing order. To all Futurama fans out there!

OrderTitleOriginal air dateProduction
1"Space Pilot 3000"March 28, 19991ACV01S01E01
2"The Series Has Landed"April 4, 19991ACV02S01E02
3"I, Roommate"April 6, 19991ACV03S01E03
4"Love's Labours Lost in Space"April 11, 19991ACV04S01E04
5"Fear of a Bot Planet"April 20, 19991ACV05S01E05
6"A Fishful of Dollars"April 27, 19991ACV06S01E06
7"My Three Suns"May 4, 19991ACV07S01E07
8"A Big Piece of Garbage"May 11, 19991ACV08S01E08
9"Hell Is Other Robots"May 18, 19991ACV09S01E09
10"A Flight to Remember"September 26, 19991ACV10S02E01
11"Mars University"October 3, 19991ACV11S02E02
12"When Aliens Attack"November 7, 19991ACV12S02E03
13"Fry and the Slurm Factory"November 14, 19991ACV13S02E04
14"I Second That Emotion"November 21, 19992ACV01S02E05
15"Brannigan, Begin Again"November 28, 19992ACV02S02E06
16"A Head in the Polls"December 12, 19992ACV03S02E07
17"Xmas Story"December 19, 19992ACV04S02E08
18"Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?"February 6, 20002ACV05S02E09
19"The Lesser of Two Evils"February 20, 20002ACV06S02E11
20"Put Your Head on My Shoulders"February 13, 20002ACV07S02E10
21"Raging Bender"February 27, 20002ACV08S02E12
22"A Bicyclops Built for Two"March 19, 20002ACV09S02E13
23"A Clone of My Own"April 9, 20002ACV10S02E15
24"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back"April 2, 20002ACV11S02E14
25"The Deep South"April 16, 20002ACV12S02E16
26"Bender Gets Made"April 30, 20002ACV13S02E17
27"Mother's Day"May 14, 20002ACV14S02E19
28"The Problem with Popplers"May 7, 20002ACV15S02E18
29"Anthology of Interest I"May 21, 20002ACV16S02E20
30"War Is the H-Word"November 26, 20002ACV17S03E02
31"The Honking"November 5, 20002ACV18S03E01
32"The Cryonic Woman"December 3, 20002ACV19S03E03
33"Amazon Women in the Mood"February 4, 20013ACV01S03E05
34"Parasites Lost"January 21, 20013ACV02S03E04
35"A Tale of Two Santas"December 16, 20013ACV03S04E02
36"The Luck of the Fryrish"March 11, 20013ACV04S03E10
37"The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz"March 4, 20013ACV05S03E09
38"Bendless Love"February 11, 20013ACV06S03E06
39"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid"February 18, 20013ACV07S03E07
40"That's Lobstertainment!"February 25, 20013ACV08S03E08
41"The Cyber House Rules"April 1, 20013ACV09S03E11
42"Where the Buggalo Roam"March 3, 20023ACV10S04E06
43"Insane in the Mainframe"April 8, 20013ACV11S03E12
44"The Route of All Evil"December 8, 20023ACV12S05E03
45"Bendin' in the Wind"April 22, 20013ACV13S03E13
46"Time Keeps On Slippin'"May 6, 20013ACV14S03E14
47"I Dated a Robot"May 13, 20013ACV15S03E15
48"A Leela of Her Own"April 7, 20023ACV16S04E10
49"A Pharaoh to Remember"March 10, 20023ACV17S04E07
50"Anthology of Interest II"January 6, 20023ACV18S04E03
51"Roswell That Ends Well"December 9, 20013ACV19S04E01
52"Godfellas"March 17, 20023ACV20S04E08
53"Future Stock"March 31, 20023ACV21S04E09
54"The 30% Iron Chef"April 14, 20023ACV22S04E11
55"Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch"January 12, 20034ACV01S05E05
56"Leela's Homeworld"February 17, 20024ACV02S04E05
57"Love and Rocket"February 10, 20024ACV03S04E04
58"Less Than Hero"March 2, 20034ACV04S05E06
59"A Taste of Freedom"December 22, 20024ACV05S05E04
60"Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV"August 3, 20034ACV06S05E15
61"Jurassic Bark"November 17, 20024ACV07S05E02
62"Crimes of the Hot"November 10, 20024ACV08S05E01
63"Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles"March 30, 20034ACV09S05E07
64"The Why of Fry"April 6, 20034ACV10S05E08
65"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"April 21, 20024ACV11S04E12
66"The Sting"June 1, 20034ACV12S05E09
67"Bend Her"July 20, 20034ACV13S05E13
68"Obsoletely Fabulous"July 27, 20034ACV14S05E14
69"The Farnsworth Parabox"June 8, 20034ACV15S05E10
70"Three Hundred Big Boys"June 15, 20034ACV16S05E11
71"Spanish Fry"July 13, 20034ACV17S05E12
72"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"August 10, 20034ACV18S05E16
 "The Lost Adventure"The "Futurama" video game was released shortly after the airing of the 72nd episode in August 2003. According to David X. Cohen, the half-hour's worth of cutscenes in the game were originally written as "the 73rd episode of the original series". These cutscenes were compiled together (along with footage of the video game being played) and released as a bonus feature on the DVD release of "The Beast with a Billion Backs". Renamed "Futurama: The Lost Adventure", the episode tells of how the Planet Express crew prevented Mom from using Earth to take over the universe.
73"Bender's Big Score (Part 1)"March 23, 20085ACV01S00E01
74"Bender's Big Score (Part 2)"March 23, 20085ACV02S00E02
75"Bender's Big Score (Part 3)"March 23, 20085ACV03S00E03
76"Bender's Big Score (Part 4)"March 23, 20085ACV04S00E04
 "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad"Included on the DVD release of "Bender's Big Score" is a full-length 22 minute episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, entitled "Amazon Adventure", based on the fictional show produced by Hypnotoad.
77"The Beast with a Billion Backs (Part 1)"October 19, 20085ACV05S00E05
78"The Beast with a Billion Backs (Part 2)"October 19, 20085ACV06S00E06
79"The Beast with a Billion Backs (Part 3)"October 19, 20085ACV07S00E07
80"The Beast with a Billion Backs (Part 4)"October 19, 20085ACV08S00E08
81"Bender's Game (Part 1)"April 26, 20095ACV09S00E09
82"Bender's Game (Part 2)"April 26, 20095ACV10S00E10
83"Bender's Game (Part 3)"April 26, 20095ACV11S00E11
84"Bender's Game (Part 4)"April 26, 20095ACV12S00E12
85"Into the Wild Green Yonder (Part 1)"August 30, 20095ACV13S00E13
86"Into the Wild Green Yonder (Part 2)"August 30, 20095ACV14S00E14
87"Into the Wild Green Yonder (Part 3)"August 30, 20095ACV15S00E15
88"Into the Wild Green Yonder (Part 4)"August 30, 20095ACV16S00E16
89"Rebirth"June 24, 20106ACV01S06AE01
90"In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela"June 24, 20106ACV02S06AE02
91"Attack of the Killer App"July 1, 20106ACV03S06AE03
92"Proposition Infinity"July 8, 20106ACV04S06AE04
93"The Duh-Vinci Code"July 15, 20106ACV05S06AE05
94"Lethal Inspection"July 22, 20106ACV06S06AE06
95"The Late Philip J. Fry"July 29, 20106ACV07S06AE07
96"That Darn Katz!"August 5, 20106ACV08S06AE08
97"A Clockwork Origin"August 12, 20106ACV09S06AE09
98"The Prisoner of Benda"August 19, 20106ACV10S06AE10
99"Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences"August 26, 20106ACV11S06AE11
100"The Mutants Are Revolting"September 2, 20106ACV12S06AE12
101"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular"November 21, 20106ACV13S06AE13
102"The Silence of the Clamps"July 14, 20116ACV14S06BE05
103"Möbius Dick"August 4, 20116ACV15S06BE08
104"Law and Oracle"July 7, 20116ACV16S06BE04
105"Benderama"June 23, 20116ACV17S06BE02
106"The Tip of the Zoidberg"August 18, 20116ACV18S06BE10
107"Ghost in the Machines"June 30, 20116ACV19S06BE03
108"Neutopia"June 23, 20116ACV20S06BE01
109"Yo Leela Leela"July 21, 20116ACV21S06BE06
110"Fry Am the Egg Man"August 11, 20116ACV22S06BE09
111"All the Presidents' Heads"July 28, 20116ACV23S06BE07
112"Cold Warriors"August 25, 20116ACV24S06BE11
113"Overclockwise"September 1, 20116ACV25S06BE12
114"Reincarnation"September 8, 20116ACV26S06BE13
115"The Bots and the Bees"June 20, 20127ACV01S07AE01
116"A Farewell to Arms"June 20, 20127ACV02S07AE02
117"Decision 3012"June 27, 20127ACV03S07AE03
118"The Thief of Baghead"July 4, 20127ACV04S07AE04
119"Zapp Dingbat"July 11, 20127ACV05S07AE05
120"The Butterjunk Effect"July 18, 20127ACV06S07AE06
121"The Six Million Dollar Mon"July 25, 20127ACV07S07AE07
122"Fun on a Bun"August 1, 20127ACV08S07AE08
123"Free Will Hunting"August 8, 20127ACV09S07AE09
124"Near-Death Wish"August 15, 20127ACV10S07AE10
125"31st Century Fox"August 29, 20127ACV11S07AE12
126"Viva Mars Vegas"August 22, 20127ACV12S07AE11
127"Naturama"August 29, 20127ACV13S07AE13

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