Fix for Malwarebytes Premium 3.0.6 not updating anymore

The guys over at Malwarebytes do an excellent job and their latest software, the all-in-one Malwarebytes 3, is really strong. Unfortunately, by trying to do too much, they sometimes annoy their own customers.

If you have Mlawarebytes 3.0.6 installed, you may have noticed you can't update it anymore - and this has been going on for a few days. While trying to stop the pirating of their software, the MB programmers made a mistake.

The fix is simple, but kind of annoying if you want to update too often. Here are the steps to successfully update MB:

  1. Backup your license file located here (in Windows 7 x64): C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\config\LicenseConfig.json
  2. Replace your hosts file with a clean version by following these instructions
  3. Restart Malwarebytes - your Premium version will go back to being a Free version and all shields will be deactivated
  4. It will update just fine
  5. Close Malwarebytes
  6. Replace the newly generated "LicenseConfig.json" file with the one you backed up
  7. Start Malwarebytes, start all shields and enjoy the Premium updated version

This is hard to do more than once a day, so I hope the guys over at Malwarebytes fix their software. And while working on it, maybe they can tone down the memory usage as well.

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  1. 31 Mar 2017 la 17:33

    Incorrect! I have tried this several times on WIN OS 10.
    They used to use their license file as: - license.conf however, they moved the license file into a different folder and renamed it: license.JSON!
    This is why nobody can receive updates anymore. I suppose it is possible to name the license.conf as license.JSON and replace it instead as .JSON but that would not work either?

  2. 31 Mar 2017 la 20:31

    Here's my setup:

    1. I installed the latest CU4 beta installed (link is in the forum), after uninstalling previous versions with the recommended MB cleaner:

    2. The LicenseConfig.json is where I said it would be - on Windows 7 x64.

    If you need more help, I suggest you head to the forums, people are very helpful there and there's people from the staff, too:

  3. 1 Apr 2017 la 18:06

    Mine was a crack version using in the hosts folder.
    It works ok on the v.2 but not on the v.3 newer version because they are now using a license file renamed LicenseConfig.json and there is no crack for that newer license file.

  4. 4 Apr 2017 la 03:11

    Peter, what you can do is:

    1. backup your LicenseConfig.json
    2. delete that line in the hosts file
    3. update malwarebytes -> it will revert to being a free version
    4. re-add the line back into the hosts file
    5. replace the newly generated License with the one you backed up.

    Of course, you should do this every day if you wanna keep you database up-to-date.


    You can purchase a lifetime version of v2 that works on v3 as well (I've bought one myself) from here:

    It's a small price to pay for having such a powerful software with a lifetime license! I paired it with NOD32 Antivirus and they work just fine (on Win 7 x64).

  5. 18 Jun 2017 la 14:19

    I run Windows XP SP3

    I can't update my Malwarbyte 3.0.6, it keeps asking be to update but when I hit update install, nothing happens.

    The fixes suggested for Windows 7 don't work for XP.

    Any idea how to fix?


  6. 19 Jun 2017 la 22:29


    First of all you should ditch XP in favor of (at least) Win 7 SP1. You are over-exposed to malicious software with XP, even with SP3 and all updates (there's been some very recent updates anti-malware, check Windows Update).

    Regarding Malwarebytes 3.0.6, that version was buggy from the start. So you need to uninstall it and get the latest version: 3.1.2

    Hope it works!

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