Evolutia muzicii

In cazul de fata e vorba de muzica rap, dar se aplica la muzica in general. Si nu e evolutie, e involutie. Din pacate.


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  1. 24 Jan 2015 la 11:36

    ‘Everybody Down!
    He’ll be here in a second, I reckon’
    And Becky beckoned them round
    And made them get on their knees
    Behind the bar
    They held their breath
    And stifled giggles

    Crouched down
    Like a twenty-headed beast
    That writhed and wriggled
    ‘Happy Birthday, Pete!
    Another year older, eh?’
    ‘I never expected a thing
    I don’t know what to say.’
    Harry couldn’t look at the way
    Pete held Becky’s hands
    Still he passed him a beer and said
    ‘Well, there you go, big man.’

    ‘Harry, this is Ron
    Ron, this is Harry, my brother
    You guys should really talk to one another
    Ron runs the caff and
    Harry’s starting up a place up of his own if he can.’
    They raised their glasses up
    ‘Good to meet you, Ron.’
    ‘Ah, pleasure’s all mine.’
    Ron looks into Harry’s eyes and recognises how they shine
    Harry. He says the name to himself
    Before he’s led away and introduced to someone else

    ‘Becky, this is Dale,’
    Pete’s drunk now, warm inside
    Dale’s awkward with a sort of
    Distorted and cautious pride on his face
    ‘Actually, we’ve met’
    ‘Really? I’m sorry,’ says Becky
    ‘Don’t pretend that you forgot me already?’
    ‘Where’d you meet?’ says Pete
    Big smile, white teeth
    ‘She was working, you remember
    It was you that made me ring her?’
    It hits Pete, like a fist
    Where every finger wears a ring
    He couldn’t blink or breathe or think or anything

    ‘Yeah, you remember?
    The twenty-third of November
    I met you in the Hotel Hacienda
    We had a couple drinks
    You knew the bartender
    You had a Whisky Sour
    And I had a Monumenta

    We went up in the lift
    They was playing Enya
    That made you laugh
    You said that Enya sent ya round the bend
    Pete was scared that you’d been sleeping with men
    So he asked me to investigate
    Now, in your defense
    You was very professional
    I was very tense
    But I have to say my favorite part
    Was the Happy End.’

    Ron was in the toilets, washing his hands
    When he heard what sounded like a man
    Sniffing a whole gram
    In one go
    Harry walked out of the cubicle, ‘Oh!
    Alright, Ron?’
    Ron tapped his nose
    ‘You ain’t got a spare line?’
    Harry smiled, ‘No sweat.’
    Handed him the wrap and said, ‘I’m going for a cigarette
    I’ll meet you at the bar, mine’s a pint of Sea View.’
    Ron only had to look at the coke
    And he knew

    She was dumbstruck
    She could feel herself going numb
    Clutched thumbs in her fists
    Felt unstuck
    ‘This is wrong!
    Fuck this!’
    Her stomach heaved
    ‘You set me up
    Instead of just talking to me?
    What about trust?’
    Guts twisted
    Pete was stuck to the spot, his lips shifted
    He couldn’t make a sound

    Dale stood still, calm
    Pete stared dumb
    Reached out, touched her arm

    She shook it off
    So livid, so hurt
    She walked away without saying another word
    He was about to follow
    But saw Dale hiding a smile
    Then he couldn’t help it
    He saw red, he went wild

    ‘Alright, look, son
    I know we’ve come to have a party
    So have a couple of drinks
    And a dance with your auntie
    But hear this
    Let’s clear this up right now
    Your numbers are up, son
    I have found you out

    You don’t know who I work for
    Men who have hurt more
    Men than the world wars
    When you were first born
    They were killing men who were worth more
    Than ten of your kind
    Are you out of your mind?

    Look, don’t worry, son
    I’m in no hurry, son
    I’ll have you on the run
    Like a funny curry, son
    Go back inside and make sure
    Your brother’s having fun
    Just know this:
    Any day now, I’ll be coming son.’

    Becky ran out to the street feeling weak
    She took a breath

    Heart slamming its head against the wall of her chest
    She looked to her left
    Saw Ron, shoulders squared
    Talking to Harry
    Harry looked awkward, scared

    ‘What’s this, mother’s meeting?
    Come on, Harry, need your help.’
    She walked him off as Ron watched
    Harry felt himself melt
    ‘Becky,’ he began
    But he couldn’t finish
    He fiddled with a cigarette
    Held it between his fingers
    ‘What’s up?’
    She didn’t need to ask, she could feel it there
    ‘You got yourself in trouble with my Uncle?’

    He stared at the skyline
    He tried find the right words
    ‘I gotta leave town
    And tonight at the latest.’
    They stopped walking, turned
    Looked into each other’s faces
    ‘And I want you to come with me.’
    Time stopped
    Harry waited

    She said nothing
    She raised her eyebrows
    Like he did on the night they met
    In this way they spoke at length
    And his heart heard what her eyes said

    He said nothing
    He just felt and hoped that he was understood
    Then she felt something in her melt
    And lightening flashed and thunder shook

    He stared at her until she heard him
    Felt an energy go surging through her person
    Something in his eyes
    She felt her body bursting

    She kissed him
    And it reached a part of her that had been sleeping
    And she felt his heart beating in her own
    She felt complete and so known

    They didn’t speak
    Ran down the street
    Leon had the motor running
    And they jumped in the back seat
    Becky felt peace when she looked at his face
    ‘Lets us three get on a plane and open up Harry’s Place’
    He stared at her, ‘Really?’
    She nodded, his pulsed raced
    He reached down beside him
    Brought out a suitcase
    Stuffed full of cash
    Leon smiled at them both
    ‘Let’s fucking do it,’ He said
    Away they drove

    Dale and Pete
    Were in a pile of trainers and feet
    Clenched fists and black eyes and chipped teeth
    Their dads had tried
    To get in-between them
    It was like they couldn’t wait to get involved
    Graham was beating David’s skull with his elbows
    David was kneeing Graham’s nether regions
    And Miriam was at the bar weeping
    Ron was pleased as punch
    With the outcome of the evening
    While Becky, Harry and Leon headed for the beyond

    Off to Dover for the ferry
    And from there, wherever
    Harry looked at Becky
    ‘Let’s feel this way forever?’

    Off to Dover for the ferry
    And from there, wherever
    Harry looked at Becky, said
    ‘Let’s feel this way forever!’


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  3. 24 Jan 2015 la 18:45

    suptil rau de tot, pacat ca n-a auzit nimeni de fata aia.

    oricum, eu ma refeream la hituri, adica la ce place la mase.

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