End of an era: Amanda Ayre leaves job at Paid, Inc.

From 2005 to 2013, Amanda Ayre worked for Paid, Inc., the company that handles Aerosmith's tours and the Aero Force One Fan Club. Hard-working girl, always smiling, she's been a tremendous influence on the success of hundreds of Aerosmith shows in the past 8 years.

First time I've met her was back in 2007, in Munnich, Germany, where she handled the Backstage Tour for the European Leg of Aerosmith's World Tour 2007. Watching her do her job was inspiring, she has the energy and will to do everything perfectly. Throughout a regular concert day you could see her taking care of administrative problems, taking fans through the secrets of the Backstage Tour, preparing them for the Meet&Greet, taking pictures and helping everyone enjoy the experience. During shows you could spot her trying to get close for a good picture. Her amazing photos of Aerosmith are everywhere, from the web pages of the Aero Force One to the printed cards sent out with the annual membership packages. Her day started before everyone else's and ended long after the last song of the encore.

alex amanda
Bucharest, 2010

Since meeting her again in 2010, in Bucharest, Romania, I've spotted her alongside Steven Tyler at the American Idol sessions and smiled seeing her enjoy herself on her birthday, partying in Venice with the big guy:

steven tyler amanda ayre

In January of 2013, Amanda decided to leave her job as Director of Talent and VIP Services at Paid, Inc. and move on. She took a job for the Philadelphia Eagles and I wish her all the luck in the world. I'll certainly miss her at the next Meet&Greet, but I'll never forget what a wonderful person she is and, who knows, maybe we'll meet again someday!

Best of luck in the future, Amanda!

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