Cum si cand sa deschizi gura in fotbal

Poate conducatorii de la noi din fotbal citesc aceste randuri. Asta daca le traduce cineva pentru ei.

Alex Ferguson believes UEFA were right to ban Eduardo for diving.

"I have to agree that something had to be done.

I agree with Arsene, I would ask the same question 'is it going to happen to everyone?'.

You become insular and protective of your own player and own team, we're all selfish that way.

I would have been saying 'what about all the rest of the players?'.

But I wouldn't have been pleased if my player had done that.

I wouldn't say it publicly though, because when you do that you're in danger of losing the morale of the dressing room.

Privately, as I've done many times, you have a different view, but I wouldn't do it publicly."

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