Correct lyrics to "Ryan's Song" from Boyhood

Well, I want for us to be together forever
But to wander wherever I may
I want you to be easy and casual
But still demand I stay

I want for you to know me completely,
But still remain mysterious
Consider everything deeply,
But still remain fearless

Climb to the top, look over the ledge
Dance barefoot on a razor's edge
Reach for the stars, grab the tiger by the tail
If I don't try, I'll never fail

If you go home, you're rolling the dice
Can't step in the same river twice
If you love too much, it'll turn to hate
If you never leave home, you'll never be late

If you eat too much, you're gonna get fat
If you buy a dog, you'll piss off your cat
Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride
Cause arrivals and departures run side by side

Blah, blah, blah