Battle of the ecosystems: iOS superior to Android

Reddit's Android community has flagged an obvious scam app called "Subway Train Game" in the Google Play Store that has been installed more than 1 million times in less than a month.

What makes this game such an obvious scam? Start with the excessive permissions it requests - a game that purportedly is centered on running through subway tunnels for some reason needs to have access to your device's microphone to record audio, to your device's camera to snap pictures and to know your precise location through GPS.

The game violates Google's in-app ad policy by having banner ads on both the top and bottom of the game and that clicking on the supposed link to the developers' homepage redirects you to Facebook's main page.

Would this happen in Apple's App Store? I think not. Apple does a thorough check of the apps before they're posted in their store. Developers have a harder time posting apps, but users have a more secure ecosystem. That's one big reason why Apple's iPhone is better than any other phone out there.

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