Aerosmith face teasing intens pe retelele de socializare

Fie pe pagina oficiala de Facebook a trupei, fie pe conturile membrilor de Twitter s.a.m.d., Aerosmith zgandere fanii cu intrebari care provoaca stari de tensiune, de tipul: ce ziceti de piesa X in setlist-ul turneului european?

Pana acum au fost aruncate in eter mai multe titluri depiese, unele prezentate sub forma de clipuri de la repetitii: "Lightning Strikes", "Beyond Beautiful", "Avant Garden", "Nine Lives", "Fever". Pentru fanii care au mai vazut trupa in concert si care s-au plictisit de best-of-ul clasic, un setlist cu "Lightning Strikes", "Nine Lives" si "Fever" e... beyond beautiful :))

Sper sa nu fie doar un teasing fara finalizare. Vreau din tot sufletul sa aud si "Movin' Out", o piesa care imi place foarte mult, prima compusa de Steven si Joe, pe care au avut-o chiar anul trecut in program.

Mai e putin pana la primul concert din turneul european - pe 17 mai, in Israel - si vom afla atunci setlist-ul pentru "Aero-Vederci Baby!". AMR 2 luni jumate :D

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  1. 10 Mar 2017 la 23:13

    Fever? Count me in!

    Oh, wait, I'm in anyway. Given how much I've already spent on tickets, travel & accommodation, it would be insane to miss out...

  2. 12 Mar 2017 la 10:20

    Waiting for the Israel setlist... Tick-tock, tick-tock...

  3. 13 Mar 2017 la 15:19

    You know that if you tactfully ask them to play Movin' Out at the M&G, they'll probably be happy to oblige.

    They're a well oiled machine, perfectly capable of changing the set at the last moment in favour of a song like Movin' Out, which they've played quite a bit during recent tours, they don't need to rehearse and, from what they say, they do enjoy playing it.

    The only reasons it may not make a set would be if they want to include something else as the space is limited or if they're not sure how familiar the crowd is with the band's 70s catalog because bands always want their songs to get a reaction, they don't want to see people just sitting with a WTF face.

    But I believe that if you tell them you want to hear badly because it may be the last chance you'll ever get in your life, it can outweigh both. There will be a next show for them to include another song in the set and you're living, breathing proof that people do want to hear songs like Movin' Out.

  4. 15 Mar 2017 la 03:58

    If only I could think straight in those moments :D If only the bodyguards don't grab me again... I might just elbow one of them B-)

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