Justice for Kylie Freeman

My name is Kylie Freeman. When I was ten years old my father, Ken Freeman, started what would become a pattern of sexual abuse towards me on a trip to Beaverton, OR to visit my grandmother for Mother’s Day. The pattern of sexual abuse went on for a little over a year. It ended when I was eleven years old and I stood up to my father and told him “no more.” My father photographed and videotaped the abuse. Sometimes I was aware of this, but most of the time I wasn’t. Over the years these images have been spread over the internet to become one of the most downloaded series of child pornography in the world. This fact absolutely breaks my heart and I’ll probably spend the rest of my life fighting the terrible problem of child pornography.

The things my father had done to me were kept a secret until I was sixteen years old; when I finally worked up the courage to tell my mother. My father had told me so many times that if I ever told, he would go to jail and people would think I was a terrible person. I am so glad I told. My mom and stepdad went to the authorities immediately and my father was informed of the things he’d been accused of. A few months later we discovered remnants of some deleted videos with sexual titles on my computer that my father had built using his old hard drive. We took the computer to the police and they uncovered thousands of child porn images including ones depicting my father abusing me. Now,we had some solid evidence against him. Upon learning this, my father fled and for about a year we had no idea where he was.

During that year, my parents and I appeared on the show America’s Most Wanted in an effort to track down my father. When the show aired, members of ICE who had been trying to identify a girl in a child porn series recognized me as the girl. It was then that I learned my father had shared this porn series he created and I was completely crushed when I learned how much it had been circulated.

In the spring of 2007, my father was captured in Hong Kong and soon after extradited back to the US. (Read more about his capture at AMW.com). That May, my parents and I were invited to Washington D.C. to do another segment for America’s Most Wanted to celebrate his capture. We were invited to the Hope Awards and a Congressional Breakfast and were recognized at each. We also had the opportunity to meet all the wonderful people who had worked so hard on our case from agencies like NCMEC, ICE, and the U.S. Marshal Service.

On December 17, 2008, my father agreed to a plea agreement and pleaded guilty to two counts of producing child pornography and one count of interstate transportation of a minor for the purpose of engaging in unlawful sexual activity in the federal court. In state court he also pleaded guilty to three counts of rape of child in the first degree. In doing this he agreed that he should be sentenced to 50 years in a federal prison which would be followed by a three year term of court supervision. The federal sentencing is scheduled for 3/25/09.

So many times people are afraid to speak of sexual abuse and families are unwilling to face the reality of what has happened. When this occurs, the victims never receive their justice and healing. I built this website to help other people who have been victims of sexual abuse so they can learn to be survivors. My parents have been such a great support to me through all of this. Many people do not have good support systems in their life and I hope this website will be able to help them gain that.