username and password for NOD32 updates

If you have Eset's NOD32 installed and no interest in using the patch, please check out this Yahoo Group that keeps its members up-to-date with the latest working passwords for their (and your) beloved antivirus!

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4 Jul 2008 la 00:45

nod 32

4 Jul 2008 la 13:27

yes, the group's name is NOD64, but the updates are for NOD32 (antivirus and security suite), both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

8 Jul 2008 la 14:26

datimi un user name shi password pentru nod 32 ka sa imi fak updateu .......ka numu gaseste virushi

8 Jul 2008 la 15:52

valy, trebuie sa te inscrii in grupup de yahoo numit NOD64, la adresa de mai sus. astfel, vei putea primi pe mail user/pass updatate.

10 Jul 2008 la 18:33

user and password

31 Jul 2008 la 01:59

Tanx boom boom send user and pass for nod 32 for me ! siktir ged gorooma

1 Aug 2008 la 10:46

Pedram, click the link and sign up to receive user/pass combos by email!

23 Aug 2008 la 17:31

maa chuda lo bhosdi vaalon
lund ke baal kya maa chudvane ke liye randaap kar re ho kato yahaan se

23 Aug 2008 la 23:42

say wot?

9 Sep 2008 la 00:04

where cn i get nod32 updates please assist

9 Sep 2008 la 09:04

tiny, please click on the following link and join the group to get the passwords:

11 Sep 2008 la 15:52

incercati pe Nod 32 Serial. Update!!! Working 100%!!!

va merge cu siguranta!

vineet vorbeste si tu daca poti ENGLISH sau romana

21 Sep 2008 la 10:27

i want user and password nod32 ver 3.0

21 Sep 2008 la 10:46

join our yahoo group and we will provide you with passwords!