AdiNeue Bold: Adidas 2013 font and webfont

adidas font 2013

This font is encrypted and hardcoded into the Adidas website css files. They're protecting it like a national treasure, although it's inconsistent throughout their media presence.

Download AdiNeue Bold (Adidas 2013 font and webfont)

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3 May 2013 la 09:01

It's hardcoded for performance reasons, not for protection. In some cases, the webpage might flash the default font before downloading the external font file and applying it.

3 May 2013 la 09:36

Thanks for clearing that up!

18 Jun 2014 la 06:08

Thank you, i really wanted this font

18 Jun 2014 la 06:09

you're welcome!

25 Apr 2016 la 19:26
Daniel Iannini

Great. Thanks

9 Mar 2017 la 21:56
dani beier

Thank you so much this is the real font