Verify uploaded files in Google Drive by MD5 checksum

First, you have to get the MD5 checksums of the files you uploaded:

1. Log into your Google Drive account.

2. Visit:

3. Scroll down to the Try it! section.

4. Change "Authorize requests using OAuth 2.0" from OFF to ON by clicking on it, then select:

and click Authorize.

5. Choose your account then click Accept.

6. Fill in the fields field with:


to only get a list of filenames and MD5 checksums.

7. Click Execute and you'll open a list with all the files uploaded to Google Drive and their MD5 checksums.

Now you have to get the MD5 checksums of the files on your hard drive and check them against the values in the list provided by Google Drive. I use WinMD5 for that, a free application perfect for the job.


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  1. 3 Apr 2017 la 20:56

    I think the page you linked has changed since you wrote this.

  2. 4 Apr 2017 la 03:02

    Both links in my article work just fine.

  3. 29 Apr 2017 la 14:16

    This had been a lifesaver of a post for me! I had multiple zip file backups uploaded to my Gsuite drive, some as large as several GBs in size. Unfortunately, many of these were named incorrectly or had garbled filenames, to make it worse, situation had it that I download a few important ones using mobile data. Luckily your post not only showed up in one of the search results just about when I'd given up on finding a way to ascertain checksum remotely, it was also easy and straightforward for my novice technical understanding.
    Can't thank you enough for how much it's helped!

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