TRULY lossless compressor for uncompressed AVI files

I've been searching the internet for a truly lossless avi compressor/codec for over five years. Not even HuffYUV is lossless, despite what it says it does.

So, what can you do to perfectly preserve your uncompressed AVI captures?


Here's a quick test with different output options:

source: 31 second uncompressed avi file - 630 MB

Now, here's the size of 'encoded' files:

huffyuv codec (default/best settings) - 352 MB [lossy]

rar file (best compression setting + solid archive + recovery record) - 228 MB [lossless]

Uncompressed Full PAL AVI takes up around 1.2 GB/minute. That means that a Blu-ray disc (22.5 GB) would hold, in rar archives, about 50 minutes of video. Not bad!

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