14 Dec 2016 | Aerosmith

Tom Hamilton, pe scena intr-o croaziera

La fel ca si colegu' Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton va canta pe un vas de croaziera. Thin Lizzy, cu Tom la bass, au programat un concert pe Rock Legends Cruise V in 2017.

Din pacate, bilete nu mai sunt demult. Cererea e atat de mare, incat si croaziera din 2018 e aproape sold-out, desi nu se stiu multe din trupele care vor canta. Poate se vand pentru ca oricum e o experienta super misto:

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23 Dec 2016 la 01:57

Steven a cam dat inapoi. :D

While some reports suggest the band may retire, Tyler has a different take.

“The European tour is booked, locked and cocked and that’s ready for next summer. And then we’re coming back and we’re doing the rest of the world,” he says. “Farewell? I’m not sure, but truth is, who knows how long we’ll be touring as the original band? I don’t think that needs to be said, I think that we’re all freak of natures and Joe and I were talking on the phone yesterday and he said to me, ‘We have no right being as healthy as we are after what we’ve been through.’ Whether it’s through the abuses of being on tour for 40 years or the abuses of substances or the abuses of life on life’s terms, there’s been a lot of abuse. But we’re both looking pretty damn good for what’s going on.”

27 Dec 2016 la 05:28

nu apucasem sa citesc articolul, de aceea raspund abia acum. e superb ce zice, mai ales finalul:

"Thank you God for a tangible, living, breathing little entity called a song that would live long after I’m dead."

oamenii astia au trecut prin atatea lucruri si chestii naspa se intampla tot mai des (vezi George Michael), asa ca ma bucur ca, pentru moment, lucrurile sunt atat de bune.