Them Family Guys mock the Gilmore Girls

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episodul Family Guy 4x12 (uneori il gasiti cu 5x02) - Perfect Castaway


Iata si dialogul, poate e prea rapid:

[TV] We now return to GiImore Girls.
Rory: Mom, I need to talk to you about Dean.
Lorelai: Which Dean? Howard Dean, James Dean or Jimmy Dean?
Rory: Too old, too dead and too fattening.
Lorelai: You don't have to tell that to my thighs.
Rory: Can you ask your thighs if they borrowed my Gap capris?
Lorelai: They did not and are insulted that you've asked such a thing.
Rory: As insulted as Kitty Kelley when people accuse her of taking liberties with her best-selling tell-alls?
Lorelai: Almost. Wanna make out?
Rory: Absolutely not.
Lorelai: Oh, you're so lying.
Rory: I so am.

Blah, blah, blah