The UK is conservative no more: gay marriage is legal

Today in the UK a law was passed, sanctioning gay marriages. Britons, which have been seen as conservative forever, now endorse sexual activity not meant for procreation. Clearly we cannot stop the advance of Kali Yuga and we need to prepare ourselves and our children for the worst of times. We're one step closer to the end of the world as we know it.

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  1. 3 Apr 2014 la 23:01

    I'm curious what you think about the current Mozilla scandal.

    Or about the fact that sexual activity not meant for procreation is not unique to our species. Ostriches can become romantically attached and even try to have sex with their human keepers.

    PS - If you think that's funny, you're probably not taking into account how heavy and strong those damn birds are...

  2. 4 Apr 2014 la 00:58

    Had no idea about the Mozilla scandal, reading about it now...

    I don't think sexual activity should be for procreation only. I support abortion and sometimes friends call me two-faced because I go too far when voicing my opinions.

    The truth is I like to go too far just to make a point. I have nothing against gay people, I just don't want to see them anywhere :)

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