Text is blurry in Internet Explorer, Yahoo Messenger and other applications

Why do fonts look blurry in Internet Explorer? And any other application depending on it, like Yahoo Messenger's chat window?

If screen fonts look different in Internet Explorer than they do in other parts of Windows (for example, if they're blurry or bolded), it might be because because of ClearType. By default, ClearType is always turned on in Internet Explorer, regardless of how Windows is configured, but you can change it.

To turn it off, follow these steps to have Internet Explorer use the same settings as Windows. Once you do this, you can turn ClearType off (or back on) by using the Windows Control Panel.

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

Click the Advanced tab, scroll to the Multimedia section, clear the Always use Clear Type for HTML check box, and then click OK.

The changes will take effect the next time you start Internet Explorer.

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