Steven Tyler's most intimate interview

Steven Tyler and girlfriend Erin Brady were Howard Stern's guest on his show (Howard TV OnDemand) on January 18th of this year.

Here's a few minutes of that interview - Steven and Erin talk sex and reveal maybe a little more than they wanted. Check it out!

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  1. 17 Sep 2011 la 01:58

    Do u have more???

  2. 20 Sep 2011 la 00:49

    Yep, I do, I got the whole interview. Do you want me to upload it somewhere?

  3. 3 Nov 2011 la 20:29

    Yes!! Please, I'd love to watch the whole interview. I've listened to it over and over but I'd love tio watch the entire thing!!

  4. 5 Nov 2011 la 00:19

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! That was so nice of you!!!

  5. 5 Nov 2011 la 00:34

    Teesh, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Anything for a fellow fan! :D

  6. 14 Nov 2011 la 01:26

    This link that you spent, is the full video? Thank you: D send me an email? tainara.messi @

  7. 14 Nov 2011 la 06:12

    Tainara, you can download from the link above, it's working!

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