Why Steven Tyler always stops for fans

If you meet him in the street, he'll stop for a picture or an autograph. Unless his bodyguard stops you, you'll get to spend a few moments with Steven Tyler. Before or after a show, at the hotel, in the airport or in the middle of a street market, Steven always stops for his fans.

Not all rock stars are like that. Some are too arrogant, others are shy and avoid human contact. But not Steven, who was once himself chasing the autograph of famous rock starts. Check out this photo from 1965 - Steven's face is barely visible, but you can surely see his joy:

When the Rolling Stones came to New York in 1965, Steven waited for Mick Jagger outside the hotel for an autograph and a chance to meet his idol. There were no meet&greets back then and a 17-year-old Steven couldn't afford one anyway.

So if you're respectful and don't go all-out crazy when you see him, there's a chance you can spend a few moments together with Steven Tyler, wherever you are.

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