Some sick humor

I got into an embarrassing situation at a swingers' party last night. I snuck up behind an older lady, started fucking her from behind then looked up and suddenly realised that the guy at the other end of the spitroast, getting a blowjob, was my dad.

I said, "After 30 years of marriage I can't believe you're being unfaithful to mum."

He said, "I'm not."


Show me a man who calls himself a vegan,

and I'll show you a man who's trying to shag a vegan.


My wife's locked herself in the kitchen in a rage, after a massive argument over how miserable and tight I've become since we've been married.

She's in there now, ripping all the plates in half.


My new French girlfriend hates it when I pull her hair during sex.

She says it makes her armpits sore for days.


"How about a blowjob?" I asked my Thai girlfriend.

"No thanks," she replied.

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  1. 17 Dec 2013 la 09:49

    Opa, mersi!

    Deja am bilete in Bulgaria, sa vedem si aici ce preturi sunt.

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