Some say Californication is exaggerated

The 4th season of Californication is scheduled for September. I never thought the show was over the top, mainly because I've got friends that come close to Hank (without the drama). On the other hand, it's pretty normal for the show to seem exaggerated to some people. Here's one person's opinion, expressed in the forums:

Ok, let me start by saying this is overall, a great show. I just finished all of season 1 and 2 on dvd. The only problem I have is how they go way over the top with Hank getting laid. It is overboard and kind of ruins it a bit. For example. These things NEVER happen.

#1 The female Porsche dealer will NEVER bang you in the alley while you test drive a new Porsche. NEVER. EVER.

#2 The guy in the dirty old Porsche with a busted headlight does NOT have porn stars (Brooke Banner) throwing their phone numbers to them at a red light. NEVER!!!

#3 After a vasectomy, the nurse does NOT offer to "help" you with your new penis after it heals. NEVER!

Keep in mind that I actually DO live in Hollywood California. Right off of the famous Sunset Strip. Right where all this stuff goes on in the show. And oh, someone who lives a short walk from the Rainbow Bar & Grill...No one is getting head under the table like Ashby was since probably 1989. I go there often. NOT happening. AT ALL.

Hank is not THAT dude with money. There are many famous guys in LA. A writer is never going to be an overly recognized guy on the street. Very rare. Guys here have brand new Ferrari's and Mega-million dollar mansions. That is the kind of money girls like. He has a busted old Porsche and lives in Venice in a modest home. He doesn't have the outward flash to attract women like that.

I know he is better off than most but they pushed it to goofy proportions.

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