Sezonul 10 din "Not Going Out" va avea un episod difuzat live

Intr-un interviu la radio, Lee Mack a vorbit despre sezonul 9 care ruleaza acum si despre viitorul sezon. Iata cateva informatii despre planurile pentru 2019:

This is Series 9 and already we are working on Series 10. Exclusive news, we're doing a live one!

When I heard other people were doing live shows, I thought, 'Why would you bother doing that, it's for your own satisfaction, it doesn't aid the quality of the performance, does it?' And then I thought, 'Ah go on then, why not'... they showed me the money!

If it goes wrong in a sitcom, I can't turn around to someone in the front row and go 'Where are you from then mate, what do you do for a living?'. On a live tour you can incorporate the mistakes into the act. You can only improvise if the cameraman is improvising too and remembering to film you... because he's now filming the other character who is supposed to be speaking, and I'm in the background with my mic turned off.

Giving away a bit of a secret, I tend to occasionally put my lines on set somewhere, so if you see me drinking a mug of tea in "Not Going Out", there's probably a line under the mug. I'm tested for funniness, not my memory!

Trebuie luati in considerare si cei trei copii care joaca in serial si care nu pot fi tinuti pe platou seara, in fata spectatorilor, deci scenele cu ei ar trebui sa fie inregistrate. Alternativ, Lee Mack ar putea scrie un scenariu in care copiii nu apar, precum cel al primului episod din noul sezon.

Personal, nu vad nici un sens in a vedea "Not Going Out" sub forma de teatru TV live. Exista cineva caruia sa-i para interesant asa ceva?

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