Sex after marriage

Different ladies speak about sex after marriage. Here are their experiences:

Married for one year:

"I definitely think my sex life was richer before marriage. I can't exactly pinpoint why, but maybe it's because it felt more 'wrong' and exciting before marriage. Now it's just like 'Oh, you know, just sleeping with my husband.'"

Married for 2 years:

"I'm not sure when my sex life has been its best or worst - it's just been different. When my husband and I started dating it was more of a physical urge, and obviously it was more often. The longer we've been together it becomes harder because our frequency is less and our wants are different. I think for me it becomes more of an emotional need than a physical one. If I'm stressed or tired the physical urge is suppressed. The fact of the matter is sometimes you have sex just to make the other person happy."

Married for 12 years:

"Once married, I got pregnant right away, and that's when my sex life was at its worst. I wish we could've had more time as a couple only before having kids so we could have had sex whenever."

Married for 33 years:

"My husband and I laugh and say we hope sex is as good as it is now when we are in our 70's. I got a text from him today, it read 'Hump Day! My favorite day of the week - and you know why, so be ready.' Heck, I was ready right then."

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