How to rip fonts from

I use Firefox for browsing, so my instructions will be for this browser, using its features.

1. Load the page with the font you want to rip. For example, Grafolita Script.

2. In Firefox, open the Tools menu, then Web Developer, then Inspector.

3. To the right of the Inspector window you will find the Fonts tab. Click on it. It opens the list of fonts, each having the information coded in the data field:


4. Remove data:font/opentype;base64, and paste the remaining string into this Base64 Decoder. Click Decode and save the output as a binari (.bin) file.

5. Convert the binary file into a font file using this online font converter. Since Typekit says the font is "opentype", download the output as OpenType (OTF). If the OTF generated file is not valid, retry the conversion and choose TTF.

6. Enjoy it :)

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  1. 6 Sep 2015 la 16:50

    am incercat dar se pare ca nu mai functioneaza. Poti sa vezi daca este asa?


  2. 6 Sep 2015 la 18:48

    Voi verifica, se pare ca ai dreptate.

  3. 8 Sep 2015 la 07:48

    Merge, dar trebuie sa faci conversia .bin-ului la .ttf, nu .otf.

  4. 1 Dec 2015 la 13:02

    This is not working anymore? It saves the files in an .afm and .0 file

  5. 1 Dec 2015 la 21:55

    I honestly have no idea, haven't tried to rip fonts in a while. They probably patched the hole...

  6. 5 May 2016 la 18:52

    Yes it works fine

  7. 27 Aug 2017 la 11:03

    All you have to do is to download Fontforge, it is free and open source. Paste the


    into Chrome or any browser and press enter. It will ask you to save some file named "d". On your computer add the ".otf" file extension to it. Then install it into your computer and you can use it.

    If font says invalid, then you may have to open it in Fontforge then save it as a ".otf" file. Then you just follow the process I mentioned above.


  8. 27 Aug 2017 la 14:26

    Thanks for the alternate option, Hassan.

  9. 21 Dec 2017 la 23:02

    This doesn't work anymore, what I did is to use chrome, go to the specific font page you want, use developer tools ->network, click on the requests to see the response tab, you are looking for a file that has a response that starts with OTTO (.otf flag) and you can use control+f after clicking on the response contents to find the name. After you find the exact font you want right click its link, copy, copy link address. Download the file, open the file with font forge, you need to fix the name, Element->font info->PS Names and TTF Names sections.

    PS Names -> Fontname correct name was with dash for the font I tried: Korolev-Light
    Everywhere else the font correct name with space was used: Korolev Light

  10. 21 Dec 2017 la 23:42

    Thanks a lot, Dan!

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