la mare pret

Your brokerage request for has been declined due to the following reason:
Unfortunately the owner of this domain is a large domain-holding aggregate. Generally, the company has been unwilling to sell domains which they own, as this is simply not part of their business model. Sedo does, however, have a connection to the company who is able to bring offers to the owners. The one stipulation has been that they do not entertain any bid below $25,000, and even a bid of that price does not guarantee that a sale will happen. However, I also cannot speak to how potentially valuable this acquisition may be to you. Therefore, I would suggest that you reassess your need for the domain, and then decide whether or not it would be worth it for you to pursue it further.

Sa inteleg ca e domeniu premium? ;;)

3 comentarii

  1. 14 Aug 2008 la 23:22

    Ai prea mult timp liber :))

  2. 14 Aug 2008 la 23:46

    ia .ro

  3. 15 Aug 2008 la 04:13

    Silvia, nu e asa :-<
    Masinuta, .ro e prea banal ;)) d-aia am

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