S-a rezolvat: On2 Flix Pro 8.545

On2 Flix Pro 8.545 for Windows, varianta full cracked

Am varianta retail, am serial, dar vrea sa se conecteze la server pentru a se instala si primesc raspuns ca licenta e deja utilizata de cel care a cumparat-o :)


Dupa un an jumate de cand am scris asta, iata ca s-au hotarat cei de la On2 sa scoata server check-ul din produsele lor. Versiunea e 8.546. Norocul meu :)

On2-Google Merger Update:  On2 Flix Standard, Pro, Exporter Product Discontinuation

As of June 21st, 2010 we are discontinuing sales of licenses for On2 Flix Pro, On2 Flix Standard, On2 Flix Exporter, On2 Flix PowerPlayers, On2 Flix Live, On2 Flix SDK for DirectShow, and On2 Flix Publisher. Google will no longer sell or support these products.

Final On2 Flix Standard, Pro, Exporter Product Installers

Our Flix licensing server will go offline permanently on December 8, 2010. We have created final On2 Flix Standard, Pro and Exporter product installers that do not verify license keys over the Internet. We strongly recommend that all On2 Flix customers download the final On2 installer for your product and save a backup copy of the installer. These installers will be taken offline December 1, 2010.

4 comentarii

  1. 14 Mar 2009 la 22:38

    Hello from Istanbul,

    I was looking for On2 Flix Pro 8.545 and found your blog page on google.
    I do not understand what it's written on this page but I need a retail version of this software with this version. I will use it only once. Is it ok for you to share it with me if you have this version?

    Thank you in advance.


  2. 15 Mar 2009 la 03:43

    Hey Burak,
    I have the retail version but it won't install, because it connects to their server and says the license is already in use. And if I block it, it won't install cos it says it needs an internet connection.

    Can you crack it? I can send it to you.

  3. 25 Mar 2009 la 00:06

    Hello once again, I didn't know that 8.545 connects to On2 server.
    But I've found this version. Very similar to 8.545
    There are only minor interface changes.
    You can download it from this link:
    Thank you

  4. 25 Mar 2009 la 01:19

    Thanx, Burak, but I already have version 8.500.

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