Nu folositi poze de pe Google Images

O companie de design le-a facut alora de la Green Day grafica pentru album si turneu. Nu stiu de unde au luat pozele, dar pare rezultatul unui search. Te bucuri la cateva mii de euro si dup-aia...


The guys from Green Day are getting sued by an artist who is accusing the band of stealing a facial feature he created. The image in question shows a frightened, fang-toothed face, which was plastered on the Green Day website in 2009, featured in a music video and displayed at concerts.

Artist Dereck Seltzer claims he created the face years ago (right) and even got it copyrighted - and Green Day never got his permission to use it, so he filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court. Green Day's lawyer, Don Passman, said "Green Day received Mr. Seltzer's image from a responsible company and was unaware that there could be any copyright or other issues".

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