Munca de paparazzo

Alergi dupa vedete zi de zi, in sperantza unei poze care sa te tzina in serviciu. Daca nu reusesti, macar ai dat tot ce-ai putut! Iata ce articol apare atunci cand nu reusesti tot ce-ti propui:

Yes! Angelina Jolie might have managed to slip out of Lenval Hospital in Nice, but at least we got a glimpse of something heading out of the hospital - her luggage. She has managed to get away from those intense demonstrations footsteps away from the hospital to take her twins home to the chateau, and without anyone being the wiser. We only have the hospital's website announcement to give us some closure on her stay: it stated that Angelina, Knox Leon, and Vivienne Marqueline "were doing perfectly well."

geanta lu angelina jolie

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