Moving to a new Operating System

Last night, it started. I've had it quite easy moving from XP to Win 7 till now...

skype runtime error

I've tried all kinds of tricks to get Skype working again. I've had it for a few days working fine. But yesterday, after a simple reboot, error. And error and error and error. I've installed programs galore these past few days, I dunno which one did this to Skype or the friggin' libraries. I've reinstalled all the libraries and about 5 or 6 versions of Skype, no change.

I've already given up Yahoo Messenger, but I need Skype.

Later edit: 14 hours later, after clearing my head and goin' at it again, I managed to fix the darn thing. It was due to drivers missing for an old tv tuner. And to think I was that close to movin' ta GTalk :))

Blah, blah, blah