More Gilmore Girls mistakes

Other: Season 6, 9/20/05, "Fight Face" While in Luke's Diner, Luke hands Lorelai a cup of coffee in a 'to go' cup. When Luke puts the coffee in front of Lorelai, the cup makes a hollow sound when it hits the counter, obviously indicating that there's no actual coffee in the cup.
Continuity: Season 6-Episode 21, Rory and Lorelai are talking on cell phones and Rory has her hands full with her pencil and her cell phone and every time they cut back to her her hair has been moved around. It goes from being behind her shoulder to in front of her shoulder, then completely behind her neck without her touching it.
Continuity: This was in season six in the Martha's vineyard episode (Valentine's day). Lorelai comes into the kitchen and we see a shot of Rory cooking. Next to her is the lemon juicer. In the next shot, it is not there. It reappears as Lorelai is watching Rory cook and Rory reaches into a drawer and pulls it out.
Other: In "The Prodigal Daughter Returns," Lorelai goes to Luke's to tell him about her reconciliation with Rory. She puts a number of donuts in a take-out carton and a few moments later, promptly walks out without it.
Continuity: In episode 6.1,"New and Improved Lorelai", when Lorelai and Luke are in bed talking about having kids, the first time Luke lies down he is on a blue striped pillow, but the second time it is a light brown pillow.
Factual error: in the episode "We've Got Magic to Do," Rory pulls out a seating chart to find a place to seat Shira, but when you see the seating chart, there are no names on it.
Continuity: Season 6-13 "Friday Night's alright for Fighting": When Richard hands Rory her martini, she puts it on the table in front of her. In the next shot she puts it down once more.
Continuity: Episode 703: When Emily asks Richard a question at the dinner table, he is holding a glass. In the next shot, when he answers, he is not holding the glass.
Factual error: During the episode titled "French Twist", which originally aired on 11/14/06, one of the characters mentions she is watching Real World Denver. Real World Denver didn't premiere on MTV until 11/22/06.

Pilot (series 1)
Continuity: After Rory is walking with Dean, it goes to a shot of Rory and Lorelai eating at Luke's Diner from outside. Rory is wearing a light blue sweater and Lorelai has a black shirt on. Then it goes inside the diner and Rory is wearing a dark bluish/grey sweater and Lorelai is wearing a purple shirt. The first shot is used from the very last scene of the episode.

The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton (series 1)
Continuity: Luke uses a red screwdriver trying to get something out of the toaster and leaves the screwdriver in the toaster while he goes to get coffee. When it cuts back to Lorelai, the screwdriver is on the counter, beside the toaster.

Kill Me Now (series 1)
Deliberate "mistake": Richard and Emily speak of his mother as if she were dead, but she comes to visit several times later in the series.

Rory's Birthday Parties (series 1)
Other: In 1.06 - Rory's Birthday Parties Paris says "Ten generations of Gellers have gone to Harvard" in 3.16 - The Big One Paris says "Five generations of Gellers have gotten into Harvard"

Love and War and Snow (series 1)
Continuity: At the start when Harry is talking at the town meeting - the frontal shoots show his hat sitting on the top ledge of the lecture stand, but in the shoots from behind the hat is sitting on the shelf part of the lecture stand.
Other: When Rory returns from being stranded overnight in Hartford, she comes up the walk and meets Lorelai on the porch. Although it's snowing significantly in the background, there is not a single flake of snow on Rory's hair, jacket, or backpack, and her hair is completely dry.

Rory's Dance (series 1)
Factual error: Miss Patty wakes up Dean and Rory at the dance studio and tells them it's 5:30 AM. When Rory runs home through the snowy streets, it's quite light out. But at no time during winter in the northeast is it light at 5:30 AM. In reality, she'd be running home in complete darkness.

That Damn Donna Reed (series 1)

Continuity: When Lorelai and Luke are in Luke's Diner to choose the color for the walls, Luke turns around the 'closed'-sign on the door. In this shot you can see that the venetian blind at the door is quite messed-up; partly closed, partly opened. In the following shot, where all the people are standing outside Luke's Diner looking trough the windows, the venetian blind is orderly and completely opened.
Continuity: In the first scene when Dean brings pizza and they are discussing about Donna Reed: In one shot Lorelai is opening the pizza box and she and Rory take a piece and start eating while they are talking. In the following shot, the piece of pizza in Lorelai's hand is gone and Rory takes a piece from the box - you can see that the pizza is complete again.

Christopher Returns (series 1)
Continuity: In this episode, Jackson's surname is "Melville". In season 6, in "Always A Godmother, Never A God" his surname is "Belleville".

Emily In Wonderland (series 1)
Continuity: Rory asks Emily for baby pictures of Lorelai, but Emily says Lorelai burned them all because she had such a big head when she was little. But in "Love and War and Snow" Emily, Richard and Rory looked at baby pictures of Lorelai together.

P.S. I Lo... (series 1)
Plot hole: When Lorelai wants to go into the market Rory asks if it is Wednesday since that is the only day she knows Dean doesn't work, and Lorelai says no. The next day, when Lorelai picks up Rory, someone says something about seeing them tomorrow. Their dinners are always on Fridays, it must therefore be Thursday, and the market conversation took place on Wednesday and Lorelai was wrong.

Red Light on the Wedding Night (series 2)
Continuity: When Lorelai, Rory and Max are having breakfast at Luke's, their coffee cups change from red to blue in one shot. Also Max's coffee cup goes back and forth from the left side of his paper to the right. (good goin' Silvia!)

Presenting Lorelai Gilmore (series 2)
Continuity: When Lorelai calls Chris to tell him about Rory's debut, she writes his new number on a gum wrapper. The shot changes to Rory. When it cuts to Lorelai again, she is reading the number from a notebook.

It Should've Been Lorelai (series 2)
Continuity: When Sherry and Lorelai have their awkward talk in the kitchen, Lorelai is reaching to bring out glasses for apple juice. She places one on the counter and reaches for a second, in the next shot as she is setting down the glass she has just retrieved a second glass has already appeared on the counter.

Back in the Saddle Again (series 2)
Continuity: When Lorelai sits down with Dean to discuss how "clingy" he is with Rory, both Lorelai and Dean's hand positions change between shots, specifically whether their fingers are laced, resting normally on the table or raised in the air.

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