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Premier League goes global

PREMIER LEAGUE football could be played abroad in a revolutionary announcement made today.

Every top-flight side may travel to cities such as Beijing, New York and Melbourne for competitive matches with the season will be extended from 38 games to 39.

They would all be played on the same day in January with a week's grace either side to give sides time to travel.

They will take place one after the other from 10am to 10pm UK time.

The revolution could start in 2011 when current Premier League contracts are renegotiated.

The idea was discussed this morning between the governing body and Premier League teams.

If it goes through as planned the Premier League income will explode.

It promises to be the biggest money-spinner in sporting history and the idea is to make the Premier League a global brand which will dominate world sport.

The draw will be made out of a hat and the top-five seeded teams will not be allowed to play each other.

That will ensure competing cities can share the greatest prize.


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