Make-up sucks

After visiting Paris last week-end, I came back with a good feeling. Women in Paris don't wear make-up or make it look invisible. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the ton of shit Romanian women slap on their faces every day.

I'm sick and tired of the same friggin' argument that "if you don't got a perfect face, ya gotta cover up the imperfections". That ain't true. Not all women are amazingly beautiful, but make-up only makes things worse. Sexy don't mean stacking up layers of make-up on top of yer ugly ass skin!

Make-up is fake and it sucks. So just let the skin breathe and stop piling shit on your faces. If women in Paris do it, I'm sure Romanian women can handle it. Jeez!

Now check out Rihanna after waking up. She ain't the most beautiful woman in the world, but she's nice. And you can't get "nice" with any kinda make-up, no matter how hard you friggin' try!

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  1. 26 Sep 2011 la 00:12

    I think we might be dealing with the often speculated notion of "discreet make-up". It is said that some women are so good at applying make-up that one can look them straight in the face and not tell that they are wearing any. It is an urban legend - that means that many people have heard of this strange phenomennon, but no one can honestly testify to having ever seen this sort of make-up.
    It's just a hunch...

  2. 26 Sep 2011 la 07:15

    I don't care if it's discreet or not there at all, I'm sick of the ton of stuff some women pile up on their faces each and every single day.

  3. 23 Jun 2012 la 20:01

    lol calm down I think romanian women are just ok
    I bumped into this article by mistake, I just want to say I'm married to a romanian man and I've seen plenty of women around the country on our vacations. I didn't see anything outrageous not in terms in make-up nor dressing style, in fact I noticed they are quite pretty and very slim.
    if you want to talk about tons of make-up visit arab countries I've been to Lebanon and Egypt - I learned the real meaning of "too much make-up"!

  4. 26 Jun 2012 la 10:32

    Ari, thanx for the input. I haven't been to Lebanon or Egypt, but I do appreciate the subtle make-up that French women put on ;)

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