Katy Perry - Live in Spain DVD

Event: Chupa Chups 50th Anniversary
Venue: Plaza Frente al Palau San Jordi
City: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 26.09.2008

Lineage: Digital PAL Broadcast > DVD > PC > DVD (with menus)


1. Fingerprints
2. One of the Boys
3. Ur So Gay
4. Hot 'N' Cold
5. I Kissed A Girl

Running time: 21:27

Info: Being a broadcast on MTV, some of the words are censored.

Format: AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS folders ready for burning on a blank DVD ;)


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2 comentarii

  1. 7 Mar 2009 la 16:09

    Hi, I very wanna download this concert. Can you send it to me?

  2. 7 Mar 2009 la 17:39

    Unfortunately, I've uploaded it to a web host and it got deleted. I didn't keep a copy of it. I'm sorry, can't help you.

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