Justice for "Vicky"

My name is Kylie Freeman. When I was ten years old my father, Ken Freeman, started what would become a pattern of sexual abuse towards me on a trip to Beaverton, OR to visit my grandmother for Mother’s Day. The pattern of sexual abuse went on for a little over a year. It ended when I was eleven years old and I stood up to my father and told him “no more.” My father photographed and videotaped the abuse. Sometimes I was aware of this, but most of the time I wasn’t. Over the years these images have been spread over the internet to become one of the most downloaded series of child pornography in the world. This fact absolutely breaks my heart and I’ll probably spend the rest of my life fighting the terrible problem of child pornography.

The things my father had done to me were kept a secret until I was sixteen years old; when I finally worked up the courage to tell my mother. My father had told me so many times that if I ever told, he would go to jail and people would think I was a terrible person. I am so glad I told. My mom and stepdad went to the authorities immediately and my father was informed of the things he’d been accused of. A few months later we discovered remnants of some deleted videos with sexual titles on my computer that my father had built using his old hard drive. We took the computer to the police and they uncovered thousands of child porn images including ones depicting my father abusing me. Now,we had some solid evidence against him. Upon learning this, my father fled and for about a year we had no idea where he was.

During that year, my parents and I appeared on the show America’s Most Wanted in an effort to track down my father. When the show aired, members of ICE who had been trying to identify a girl in a child porn series recognized me as the girl. It was then that I learned my father had shared this porn series he created and I was completely crushed when I learned how much it had been circulated.

In the spring of 2007, my father was captured in Hong Kong and soon after extradited back to the US. (Read more about his capture at AMW.com). That May, my parents and I were invited to Washington D.C. to do another segment for America’s Most Wanted to celebrate his capture. We were invited to the Hope Awards and a Congressional Breakfast and were recognized at each. We also had the opportunity to meet all the wonderful people who had worked so hard on our case from agencies like NCMEC, ICE, and the U.S. Marshal Service.

On December 17, 2008, my father agreed to a plea agreement and pleaded guilty to two counts of producing child pornography and one count of interstate transportation of a minor for the purpose of engaging in unlawful sexual activity in the federal court. In state court he also pleaded guilty to three counts of rape of child in the first degree. In doing this he agreed that he should be sentenced to 50 years in a federal prison which would be followed by a three year term of court supervision. The federal sentencing is scheduled for 3/25/09.

So many times people are afraid to speak of sexual abuse and families are unwilling to face the reality of what has happened. When this occurs, the victims never receive their justice and healing. I built this website to help other people who have been victims of sexual abuse so they can learn to be survivors. My parents have been such a great support to me through all of this. Many people do not have good support systems in their life and I hope this website will be able to help them gain that.

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  1. 26 Jul 2013 la 20:07

    Years ago I saw the "Vicky" videos while doing long term research on child porn from the "inside". There is no doubt in my mind that my perspective was the same as that of child lover. That is, from a viewer point of view.

    Regardless of what Kylie Freeman has stated about her alleged abuse, I do not think she was abused. It's clear that she was not. Not only from the perspective of the videos her dad made. But also from her interviews. The word "abuse" has been tossed around loosely in her life by those who resent the porn videos. Rather than to see an honest perspective from her father, he was quickly condemned for breaking the law and reduced to nothing. Kylie was quickly brainwashed by her mother and step father, as well as many others. I do not advocate child porn. But there is a whole other world of parent/child relationships that is very misunderstood. It is something that has been here since the Beginning. And it will not go away because it is obviously a reality that will fight to see the light of day. There are many many families who strongly believe in incest. My family is not one of them. But I prefer to understand something than to simply condemn it because of my lack of understanding. That is ignorant.

    Just like people condemned the telephone when it was first invented. Ignorant. People have shown for the longest time that they easily fall into a smug path where anything different becomes a crime. In this case. The videos with "Vicky" hardly show abuse. They look more like sexual training videos done with a lot of care. Kylie actually seemed very fine and there were loving exchanges between her and her father. This is easily understood when you compare it to videos like the horrifying "Tara" videos where some fat, sadistic fool really does abuse a young girl. Nothing like that occurred in the "Vicky" videos.

    Like it or not. There are things in this world that are demanding attention. Homosexuality is a prime example for modern times. I do not condone someone training someone else's child secretly for sex. But where incest is concerned, I think it is a reality that comes with and without abuse, the same as anything else in this world. But just because there are instances of abuse, that doesn't make incest a bad thing. The TV show that Kylie Freeman was on is just another typical program looking for ratings at the expense of someone else's life. Someone gets built up. Someone gets torn down. That's Hollywood for you.

  2. 30 Jul 2013 la 07:23

    I absolutely LOVE her videos. But she grew up into a very fat and ugly looking girl. Seriously. She was sooo much hotter when she was little. Now she runs around to federal courts demanding money from people who look at (and enjoy!) her videos (like they owe her something). Ten plus years later she is still playing the victim and faggot Assistant U.S. Attorneys scour the interwebs to read posts like this in order to justify their outrageous claims that she is still being 'victimized.' How can I victimize someone I never knew, from thousands of miles and many years apart??

  3. 8 Aug 2013 la 04:11

    I couldn't disagree more, but I won't delete your comments because I believe in the freedom of speech.

    To answer your question, Todd: by condoning these sort of criminal activities you are an accomplice, an accessory. You are creating the market (viewership) for future acts like these. And what you're saying is outrageous: if the guy is fit, it makes it okay?

  4. 22 Aug 2013 la 01:00

    @todd I hope you have a heart, somewhere deep down there, because what you say is just sickening me. Back then this was a 10 year old girl, you sick ass. This girl supposed to be playing outside with her friends. That monster of a "father" ruined her life. I hope she gets stronger and stronger and keeps fighting sick bastards like you and her father.

    @PinkIsh, be real man, delete this bastard' comment and give his ip adress to the police.
    this is not a healthy comment from a person.

    todd, I truly hope you burn in hell, forever and ever.

  5. 26 Aug 2013 la 08:27

    There is an interview where she frankly says that loves the father and regrets about the happened. In the same place she says, that does not consider, that it was violence. Nevertheless, certainly, in vain it has placed all it in the Internet and in general removed on the chamber. Happened should remain between them, they should understand it, in a family, times no violence. All this sensation and 50 years of prison basically the political decision, instead of adequate happens. A soap bubble, no more. In this case no any violence, she about it speaks in interview. It have simply compelled to accept the public point of view under the pressure of mother, court, the law, public opinion. That it as girls - it as was the beautiful child, and now very beautiful and attractive woman. An another matter that she lives in the state, where the person for the law, instead of the law for the person, and people are compelled to accept not the point of view, and public, imposed. 50 years of imprisonment for the person in this case - are too much, as no violence. I hope, that somehow they will manage to pull out it from prison if it is possible. I hope, that at this lovely lady all will be good and how she will want the heart. Sorry, my english bad.

  6. 28 Aug 2013 la 02:06

    ''Years ago I saw the "Vicky" videos while doing long term research on child porn from the "inside". There is no doubt in my mind that my perspective was the same as that of child lover. That is, from a viewer point of view.''

    Nope sorry you're a pedophile.

  7. 31 Aug 2013 la 23:35

    She looks happy, I'm glad she got her life back.

    Thanks for the pics and the good news, ramazeska.

  8. 1 Sep 2013 la 03:36

    Truthseeker and Todd you are the same guys that troll other websites with your pro childporn views. rather than debate you I would simply say I hope you are both brought to justice

  9. 4 Sep 2013 la 07:57

    She still looks very similar in the face. But her body has gone to waste.

  10. 4 Sep 2013 la 12:07

    What is known about her father now? Whether there is a chance to present to it freedom? Whether wants it Kylie? Her father, most likely, has realised the errors and is not dangerous to a society (and not it is dangerous as a matter of fact). This my opinion.

  11. 4 Sep 2013 la 12:35

    Kenneth Freeman is in a federal prison, where he belongs. He was sentenced to 50 years back in 2009, at the age of 46. So I guess he'll probably never get out.

  12. 4 Sep 2013 la 13:33

    It is awful. It is a pity, that we cannot affect it in any way. It would be desirable to believe, that Kylie or someone from its environment can make it though we do not know, whether motivation they on it. Under the law, whether the "suffered" party can to "forgive" another or not? The repayment? Other variants?

  13. 10 Sep 2013 la 20:37

    I am trying to get in touch with Kylie Freeman. I believe she is my second cousin. The sick man that is her father I believe in my first cousin on my father's side. It is a side of the family I did not know becasue of his actions, and perhaps by the protection of the universe. I statrted out wanting to know more about my father's side of the family since his death in 2010........but after reading what happened I am very nervous about it. Kylie.......words cannot express how awful I feel for what happened to you. It should never have been. If you are interested in knowing another cousin, I would be happy to get to know you. I can supply whatever information you would require to prove I am who I say I am. If you don't want to be in touch, I can't say that I wouldn't understand and I wish you well and a better life with your mom and step dad. They sound like great parents.

    Mary E

  14. 17 Oct 2013 la 00:59

    I love her videos. She was sucha nice girl. She gave me a lot of pleasure. I wish her wel as I do her dad.


  15. 17 Oct 2013 la 23:30

    Hey, Guy, I deleted your picture. I was close to deleting your message, too. Please refrain from posting such pictures.

  16. 3 Nov 2013 la 21:22

    What is wrong with you sick F_ck's!!! No 10 year old girl needs "loving sex training".. I have a 14 have a 14 year old daughter and would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS, EVER think of doing shit to her. I am floored by the comments

  17. 4 Nov 2013 la 12:06

    Mike, thanks for posting. These comments have not been deleted as they are a mirror to the world we live in.

  18. 10 Nov 2013 la 20:12

    I have to say I love her videos very much. And still am.

    Greetings Simone

  19. 12 Nov 2013 la 10:43

    yes, you still are, simone, i have to say...

  20. 13 Nov 2013 la 18:30

    Why cant I post a picture of Vicky's face when she was 10? Just her face?

    Greetings Simone

  21. 13 Nov 2013 la 21:07

    You can post it wherever you want, just not here. Thank you.

  22. 14 Jan 2014 la 09:24

    Truthseeker, you are a pathetic liar and a sorry excuse for a human being.

    Your "inside" research was nothing more than indulging in the sick and unnatural practice that is child pornography. Your attempts to normalise incest would be laughable if the subject matter wasn't so sickening. ANY time a minor is coerced into sexual acts (with or without violence), it is abuse - ESPECIALLY from a parent, relative or someone they trust. It's an abhorrent abuse of trust. Her father shattered her innocence and exploited her naivety and trust with his position of power.

    I hope that you, along with the likes of Guy and Todd run afoul of a great hulking man with a predilection for perverted, sorry excuses for humanity. It is the least you deserve.

    And to those who prefer the body of a 10yr old to the beautiful woman that Kylie is today, you can lump yourselves in the same category as Guy, Todd and Truthseeker - pond slime.

  23. 19 Jan 2014 la 11:14

    I will first admit that I am attracted to young girls. I also in the past have viewed CP and enjoyed it. For me, there is no choice for the attraction. But there is always a choice for action. I have not nor would ever harm a child and I have not sought after CP for many years. I remember the "vicky" videos and happened across the kenneth freeman AMW/sentencing etc. Saw the pic of kylie as an adult and it clicked. I always knew every time I "used" CP that it was wrong, and afterwards I was disgusted with myself. I always wondered where these children were, what their lives were like, if they were kidnapped, or murdered, etc. I'm glad to see she got her justice and is doing fine now. Advice for anyone that has the same "problem" as me. Don't waste money on therapy or shrinks. Nothing will ever help you. The attraction will never go away. All you can do is control your actions.

  24. 15 Apr 2014 la 17:11

    I would like to thank Kylie Nicole Freeman and her father Kenneth Freeman for making such an enjoyable series of videos. Thanks to Kylies enthusiastic response in a great part of the series the material is very helpful in convincing other young girls that sex can be a lot of fun. The pedosexual and child pornography producing community owes you both a lot. Thanks!

  25. 16 Apr 2014 la 03:00

    You're fucked up, man. The reason I don't delete any of these comments is because they are a true mirror of the world we live in. It should alert people to how much this sickness has corrupted humanity.

  26. 24 Jun 2014 la 01:45

    I take the chance to write this as I read all replies, and understanding that pinkISH wants to save all this as mirrors of the world we live in.

    I too watched some vicky videos in sinful action. I am deeply ashamed I ever got to this point but still want to exchange thoughts on the issue. I have never been attracted to children sexually, neither have I ever had sex with one. I will probably never try anything with a child, unless I was drunk as hell while the child seduced me. The probabililty is close to zero this will ever happen to me.

    I feel kind of a victim to pornography in general as many others in this time. I began early and as time passes by you get used to it and want new things, all the time more and more extreme to awaken the numb lust. By the time you get to child pornography you wont get anywhere worse, except for different things within the genre. Degrees of hell. I am pretty sure there are lots of people in the same situation as me.

    Now in this time virtually everyone in the world has more or less access to internet, and thus also access to pornography. I have been worried for a long time that children also have free access to the most perverted pornography. A new trend is getting more common within CP, young children posing on webcams doing things they could only have learnt through pornography imo. Shoving big things up their asses and then sucking on it as one example. I am disgusted of how things are turning, while all the time also having to see further sexualization of children in the mainstream culture, such as fashion, art, movies and books. Damn, too often I hate this world from all of my heart, but then I stay somewhat sane by never giving up the hope we will be able to make this a much better place for everyone to live in.

    Prohibit all pornography on internet (and TV) and let it be a thing of the past, dark basements where most people wouldnt dare to venture. Do our utmost of not letting general sexualization of children be published or broadcast in the mainstream. Two important things to do in order to counteract these bad things happening. Stay strong!

  27. 15 Jul 2014 la 03:42

    I as many here fell victim of "CP" at a young age. I was and always have been anxious around girls and as a result of my frustration i indulged deep into porn. AND I MEAN DEEP!! lol

    But too all the peoiple who say anyone who looks at child porn sahould suffer or die or what not, you are all ignorant media trained scum. I hate judgemental people like as if they dont have thier own flaws. Getting drawn into the CP scene is often a result of the poor job our government does in protecting our children from graphic material. I know that was my case. WHen i first started i was practically the same age as the children so i didnt see too much wrong with it, until i got older and realized i became conditioned to this bullshit and like others it sickens me that i have this secret because i am known as a really good guy and very intelligent and law abiding. I am a business professional and have worked for the federal government at one point ironically. People would be shocked, family as well but there u have it

    SO u see we are not all "Demons" who view this material for gratification. It is usually an urge we fight and often lose control of yet we know that in the real world we would never ever ever consider harming a child in any way. because as others have said any type of sexualization of a child will absolutely destroy a child psychologically for life otfen and i wish no child to go thru that. So thats my take on this crap. As for Kylie her material was among my fav during my hayday yet i feel for her now that i see her in the real world

    So you see it

  28. 15 Jul 2014 la 03:48


    This is to you pal, grow some balls and contact me we can meet and il throw u a beating and then you can go back to ur ignorant cruel rants behind a computer u pussy!!!

  29. 23 Jul 2014 la 02:52

    Yes, i think the word "abuse" was over used in this case, i can see how she was victimized because in our culture a father that introduces his own child to a sex relation it's considered a rapist but that's in our culture, a friend show me the videos when they were "hot" like 12 years ago and i can clearly remember to see her reach to orgasm at least a couple of times that's something that you can't do if you are under stress, ashamed or in pain, in the videos she really looks enjoying the "game" i'm not condonig her father but the actual sexual relations where actually enjoyable for her at that time, it´s clear to me that she was very afraid and under the pressure of see how her own friends would recognize her if someone close to her had seen the videos, sha was obviously paranoic about it and planned her "flashback" act, in any case, i think it's funny how she is making a living out of her "disgrace" and encouraging the rest of the "unaware" people of the world to search in the web for her videos just out of curiosity....

  30. 26 Jul 2014 la 10:58

    I've been a pedo ever since I was 15 years old. I watched, enjoyed and cummed buckets at Vicky's videos. It's natural to have these feelings just as it is natural to be gay or be into old women.

  31. 26 Jul 2014 la 13:32

    Man, how can you say that when both parties should be consenting ADULTS?

  32. 29 Jul 2014 la 03:38

    I never seen any of those videos, but read all about the case, I think pinKISH dont delete the comments because he or she enjoys them.. it create some kind of pleasure.. look at the nick name PINK.. created this website to enjoy all kinds of responses from perverts..

  33. 29 Jul 2014 la 04:04

    Bandolero, you make NO sense. Should I start picking on your nickname, who knows what I'm gonna find...

  34. 7 Aug 2014 la 13:29

    This Vicky person was a recreation of Lolita. In turn these two persons are lately subverted by Blythe.

    If there was abuse and rape the films should make it evident. But nobody here agrees that one saw any.

    It is not someone who enjoys sex is sick; it is the prudes, cretins, and breeders who are sick, those who would outlaw the human body (for what it does or what it looks like, without clothes) and what is natural for their personal hangups or flaws that they believe apply to everyone. Sexual feelings, even masturbation, begin in the womb. Kids on their own find themselves and each other, even sexually, without media or adult contact. When two pubescents grope or mate with each other, nobody cares; nobody arrests or vilifies them even if it's still illegal. It was a felony for you to discover masturbation when you weren't even 13: The first title and section of the US Code say that laws in the singular and plural apply to each other. As if they didn't understand it; they had several years of socialization to develop crushes and know who is comely and who is ugly. I already knew by first grade. The above three groups spread hate, fear, and ageism; they want to control this protected class (where protect means keep ignorant) as their property without a mind or will of their own; they do not represent them but often misrepresent and neglect them (federal crimes the jurists are guilty of, along with making false statements). Kylie after five years claims she was a victim. I do not know her whole story, but the news says she found god. This makes it likely she was coerced/brainwashed to feel bad about the sex. (Violent crime is few where sex laws are lax or sex culture is open. So the Buybull is wrong; its authors even tell believers to stop all sexuality, leave their families and homes, and that the married shall not be resurrected. Missionaries spread disease, poverty, and crime; that is a fact.) Whoever made the empty hellfire threat above should shut up; his god was a child abuser, wifebeater, and rapist besides mass murderer, vandal, thief, and liar. Oh, he was for girl slaves too.

  35. 7 Aug 2014 la 14:03


    "My parents have been such a great support to me through all of this."


  36. 7 Aug 2014 la 18:48

    Her mother and step-father, she meant.

  37. 8 Aug 2014 la 00:47

    The court documents omit whenever she smiles, giggles, or talks. See, they don't treat her as a person.

    Anyone arrested for material like this can be acquitted with the insanity defense, that one either didn't know it was wrong or that one knew otherwise that it was not wrong; with the claim that the contraband does not meet burden of proof for abuse of person or risk/harm to society; and can countersue the plaintiff, jurists, and legislators for the above three misconducts. Then the defendant can ask them at what age they first masturbated; if they answer and don't plead the fifth [amendment], the defendant can sue them on behalf of the country for felony sexual abuse of a minor.

  38. 20 Aug 2014 la 13:23

    Hate to say it, but.. at one point or another, folks like TruthSeeker are right. This kind of thing happens every day. Everywhere on the planet, and it has since our species was intelligent (or dumb, depending on your view) enough to do so. It's more uncommon to be in a family where no messing around took place than it is to be in one without such events. It's never looked into, spoken about, there's no real statistics showing anything other than abysmal horror, because only a fraction is even withstood before being burned.

    Your neighbor. Your wife. Your mom. Your brother. Throw 60% at that pool in the chance they've either been on Kylie's side or were the older party. You know they proved the big bang theory and people still believe something other than our existence being in a giant bubble? Sheesh, so stuck in the past.
    Like, for better or worse, most of the people here are. I honestly can't find a tween or a young teen who hasn't sexualized themselves without anyone's help. If your daughter has a smartphone, it's almost a promise. It's worse with boys.
    Either accept it, or actually do something to stop it. Starting with parents.

    I'm 21. My girlfriend is 11. We're going on six months. All is well, and she gives me more of an intellectual standoff than most any female close to my age. They're all fucking retarded. ...I'm being honest.

    The whole point here is: nobody here is a victim until somebody else starts saying they are.

    I'm a Demihebephibosexual and not afraid of hiding it.

    (The publicity and harassment, though.. really uncalled for. My guess is programming and media made her start believing what she did what wrong, hating herself and hating her father for getting her to like it. Even then, you can tell she isn't damaged by it. Take it from someone who was actually raped their entire childhood- the only thing she's a victim of, is society.)

  39. 21 Sep 2014 la 10:00

    The comments here are really disturbing. I hope you realize that those who are viewing kiddy porn....You will eventually be caught, and your life will be fucked. It's just a matter of time.

  40. 25 Sep 2014 la 07:53

    I'm not surprised at the kinds of comments that were made since my last post. I knew it would be mixed. I have been in this world for a long time. And I have spent my time wisely, paying attention to people and how they think and act. Most people get up in the mornings and spend the day at a job. They go home and eat, then sleep. They basically drift through life, barely using their brains. And when they get challenged by a situation they don't readily understand, they bark and condemn. I think THEY have no business even flaunting an opinion. Because it is them that help keep societies ignorant for many generations. The homosexuals out there would agree.

    I may not intentionally promote grown adults having sex with children. But I would turn the other cheek before I would invade people's lives and force my own ideologies upon them. That is the style of politics and government. Something I am highly against. It does more harm than good. And it thrives upon lies. And there are millions of people in the world that foolishly support the status quo because they are smug in their lives and could care less about anyone else.

    And back on the subject of incest. It has been around far longer than you and I. It is not modern. The crap we have our brains with today is modern. It came AFTER incest. And there are still thousands of families in the world that raise children learning about and having sex right at home. They teach it responsibly and with all due consideration. They don't throw each around, beating one another and trashin up the place. That might be possible in some cases. But so is the guy you voted in some political office that flies a private jet across country during lunchtime to have sex with a teenage prostitute. And that has been proven many times over.

    If reality is nothing more than a perception. Then those who believe that don't live in reality. Because reality is the things you see happening over and over again. Incest. Pedophilia. Homosexuality. All three are interrelated. It might not be okay to go around seducing someone else's children. But if families want to "keep it in the family", I support them 100%.

  41. 25 Sep 2014 la 14:27

    Good and frank loving girl!

  42. 5 Oct 2014 la 15:03

    I guess freedom of speech is a good thing. But if I ever see one of you near my daughter Im just gonna shoot you between they eyes. Mabye if it could get closer to home you would understand the sickness of this. She trusted her dad, she believe she was being a "good"girl. But he raped that trust. Kylie I hope that one day everbody will forget you, and you may live your life in peace.

  43. 9 Oct 2014 la 06:39

    un real how many sick people are out there. This feed should and with my help will be showed to police so they can track the sick people out there. Any child who can not understand the acts there involved is abuse. Your sick very sick. And as one man admited if you like it that's fine. Control you actions. When Someone is clearly coming out as a victim that means no matter your dicks opinion it not right. Go get your rocks off on fake cp. these are real people. A little girl does not ask to be taught how to have sex. Your sick a dad doesn't teach his daughter to have sex. That's sick. That's what she will grow and learn on her own. Any father who feels he needs to teach her. That's your own perverse way of trying to justify wanting young girls. Get help.

  44. 11 Oct 2014 la 06:19

    I agree with people saying that they are victims of porn. The more of it you watch, the more bored you get and you move on to different 'extremes'. I started watching porn at 11 and soon I started discovering more interesting genres (gay, orgies, animals, kids...). At first I started reading stories describing sex between children. I was around 13, so that was within my agegroup and wasn't too weird. the first CP I saw was at the age of 14 or 15. So again, not so much of the age gap.
    From the age of 13 I was attracted to young children, mostly girls. It is something I am not going act on, but it's still a part of me. I feel bad for the victims, I really do, but the pleasure I get from such videos is just overwhelming.
    21 year old bisexual female

  45. 12 Oct 2014 la 13:04

    babyhee, since your story is a different one to all the others posted here, I would like to ask you what your sexual pattern is in real life, outside of porn. You said you are a bisexual female, but I was interested in the types of relationships you managed to form throughout the years and how those satisfied you in comparison to watching porn.

  46. 21 Oct 2014 la 10:12

    pinkISH, My sex life is anything but exciting. I havd never been in a relationship and my first sexual experience took place when I was 20. I had sex with 6 men aged 17 to 24 and I was drunk every time we had sex (no more than twice with each person). So in total I had about 10 sexual intercourses, which I hardly remember. I don't know if the fact I'm into CP had affected this in any way, but for years I took pride in being virgin and looking younger than my real age because I liked associating myself with young, pure and innocent "lolitas". Kind of pathetic I guess.

  47. 23 Oct 2014 la 12:19

    There were no any "abuse" with her, she really take pleasure sucking his cock and even asked him for cum! When this little bitch grew somebody incited her against her father and forced to denounce against him. Gravity of his offence in no event do not correspond to such punishment-50 yeas of jail! Monstrous durability for innocent amusements. Serial murder obtain less...

  48. 14 Nov 2014 la 22:37

    A few years ago I fell in love with a fine women, and she also fell in love with me. She had been abused by her father from the age of six to the age of fifteen. It was impossible for her to have our relationship because she was haunted by her memories. God knows she tried. Her father also was never violent but was very manipulitive. We had to end our relationship and now we live apart. We are still very good freinds and i learn to understand the damage her father has done to her. She has no more sense of feeling safe. When we met she was already 45 years of age. So CP lovers, inform youselfs of the damage these young kids experience, esspecialy when they are driven in manipulative relations with their own father. You can only be a childs father, never your childs lover.

  49. 22 Nov 2014 la 08:59

    I have read through all the above comments and statements.
    The good, the bad, and those which are nothing more then justification of their actions.

    Todd - Put simply you are an idiot in the true sense of the word, and rather then be a man you play 'sheep' and follow along with others, in order to gain your five minutes of fame. You got that, hoorah for you.

    TruthSeeker - You are probably the most sickest, deceptive and depraved of all who supported the actions of Kylie's father. 'Long term research from the inside', how 'inside' your research will probably never be known. I would not at all be surprised if you were indeed somehow in the production or distribution of this type of material.

    You conveniently neglected to provide any bona-fides as to your 'long term research.' Who exactly was this research for? It is evident by your post it certainly wasn't for any law enforcement or child protection body, if it was you would have used your real name and stated your credentials. So you can remove that possibility from the mix.

    University maybe? I'd doubt it again, if you were genuinely doing research for a University, or as part of a University course you would have again provided information to substantiate your claims.

    In your very first line you admit you actively seek out child exploitation material, I quote:
    "There is no doubt in my mind that my perspective was the same as that of child lover."

    Of course there was no doubt in your mind, this 'so-called' research is just your vain attempt at covering up your real intentions, masking them by your delusion (or more accurately most likely, outright lie) of research. What exactly are you researching? Ways to induce a child into such an act?

    Then you try to cover your ass with this statement: "That is, from a viewer point of view."
    There is no doubt in my mind, how many ever of these videos there are out there, you are, or were at least, in possession of them all. That in itself makes you a pedophile, no if's or but's. You are viewing child exploitation material without the required credentials or approvals to do so.

    I dare say your alleged 'research' has not stopped with these videos, and there is probable reason to believe you are still actively downloading/viewing such material today, tomorrow and in the forseeable future until such a time as law enforcement pays you a visit.

    I for one detest your use of the term 'child lover.' One can simply love a child or children without the need or intention of utilising them for sexual gratification. Again you are attempting to justify your actions with the terminology 'child lover', using this in place of what you really are.

    It is very easy to be an enigma on the Internet and cast out utter rubbish like this, putting your views forward in the name of research, although any genuine research is always backed by publication, names and institutions doing same. You failed to provide any of these.

    Simply, the bottom line here is the research was none other then for your own personal and sexual gratification. You are not even a man enough and have the balls to admit this.

  50. 28 Nov 2014 la 19:57

    I've seen Kylie and Kenneth's videos and came to the following conclusions. Kylie seemed genuinely interested in 'sex play' with her dad initially but soon turned uncomfortable as he was clearly a 'manipulator' who had no business initiating 'sex play' with his daughter.

    My impression is Kenneth was overly 'influenced' by commercial porn content which is of very low quality overall, 'terrible' would not be an understatement. Nothing that should be recreated with a child, or a grown woman for that matter.

    I suspect much more happened between them that caused her to go to her mother and step father concerning this. We can only speculate what that 'event' could have been.

    Many fathers successfully initiate positive sex play with their daughters, more often than not with the approval of the mother. Not all sexual contact between adults and children is sexual abuse. Kenneth's sentence was way too harsh IMO; public ridicule would have been sufficient.

  51. 21 Dec 2014 la 04:11

    Vicky encouraged her dad. She smiled while eagerly sw*****ing all.

  52. 21 Dec 2014 la 11:56

    What is sw*****ing?

  53. 21 Dec 2014 la 13:17

    She probably meant "swallowing".

  54. 22 Dec 2014 la 22:31

    Actually to add the obvious what a lot of people were saying, in the videos she never showed an ounce of distress, she talked very dirty for the camera, and looked like she enjoyed every minute of it. Regardless it's still wrong. But it's not like she put up a struggle. And every video I've ever seen she knew she was being recorded because she smiled at the camera and talked dirty.

    They were in circulation on kazaa mainly something like 10+ years ago. Named different stuff, I was looking for regular porn like a normal teen boy and stumbled upon a few of the videos. Since then have never seen that type of stuff anywhere.

  55. 1 Jan 2015 la 03:05

    A Dad. Let me inform you that "pedophile" and "child lover" mean exactly the same.

  56. 3 Jan 2015 la 05:03

    @ 22 Nov 2014 la 08:59 -A Dad:

    You made a great long speech to say what was pretty obvious all along - that TruthSeeker was a pedo and not a researcher. What you didn't do was actually address the content of his post. Clearly you are another sheep who has been brainwashed by society's current fad, to hate all pedos.

    Every society needs a villain. It used to be women who were labelled as witches. It's not PC any more to persecute blacks or gays. Pedos are the new "safe" target. It makes you feel superior and better about yourself to have someone you can label as evil in a very cut-and-dried way.

    The reality is that most men harbour sexual desires for underage girls. I could explain and discuss this at length, but what is the point? There is already a mass of info already available online to support this, but it wouldn't suit the blinkered view which people vocalize publicly, if not privately.

    To be a pedo is to be attracted to underage girls. It doesn't mean a wish to harm them. It's funny how twisted society has become that it's now illegal even to look at naturist photos of girls, for fear that we will "harm" them. Get over yourselves. Take away the cp, and what do you leave pedos who are already celibate? Could you manage without sex or porn?

    Time for a reality check.

  57. 21 Jan 2015 la 14:40

    Child erotica and porno were quite legal in Western Europe and USA at 70-s of 20 century. Only at yearly 80 y. it became forbidden because of feminists activity. Unfortunately, we know nothing about that pretty young girls like Vicky... May be somebody have information about them?

  58. 26 Jan 2015 la 16:59

    Pinkish... is that really kylie?

  59. 26 Jan 2015 la 18:51

    yes, Mike. why do you ask?

  60. 12 Feb 2015 la 11:37

    I followed this place for a ages and now I feel its time to shut you testosterone buckets up.
    Its not Kylies site, but it would be yet worse if the real Kylie, victim of abuse, would have to deal with such brainless comments. Maybe that was why her own website went down - instead of seeking help, admirers and idiots mightves made the place a party, trying to socialize with their "star". Give me the opportunity to make you think about a few things very clearly. Then you can troll on - or apologize to the woman that you jerked off to like a Queen but still dont have the manners to acknowledge the person behind it.

    Back when we all were younger and naive teens we had access to the thrill that was P2P, we downloaded all the smut, remember? But CP always was known to be taboo, rape of children.
    Then however a myth came up theres "good childporn", or more precise, the rumor theres this one girl whos so exceptional, everybody who had seen her had crushed on her, and so, even the people who usually wont touch the illegal stuff had seen it, making it a must-see.

    So yes, she seemed to enjoy it, but looking closer, one could see she just made the best of her own abuse, because there was fear in her, remember when he said something about his sperm she said "but it doesnt taste bad" because she didnt want to upset him. People might overlook such hints on purpose to enjoy the illusion of "their" Vicky. But this ended for me instantaneously when I saw some clip that was called "old material" or whatever. He insisted she'd do things to him, and she was crying. Then, he didnt let off, and she was crying further on. And jerking him because nothing else was going, she was crying on.
    That was when it was obvous the myth was false, and so face it, there was and will never be any "abuse-free" childporn.

    I like prepubescents myself, and hence, would be considered having paedophile interests. But it seems the fact Im a female makes me think differently? In my ethic and morals, especially a paedophile never harms or mis-uses, abuses (or even traumatizes) a child. Because thats what a paedophile loves most. Moreover (and hence), a paedophile doesnt consume CP, for what is depicted is abuse, not love, so he watches something that should limp him in loath, not stiffening him in appreciation and arousal. Even if it stiffens you, dont you realize (as one of the people above said) how wrong it is, and a reason to feel bad and guilty?
    And guys, I hereby admitted to have seen that illegal material to explain a very important point that I learned. An important lesson for life, but some of you talk about it as if viewing it is the most natural thing in the world, are you aware of how wrong that is? CP is not only illegal, it is made by criminals for ruthless perverts. Are you that type?

    if young Kylie was your "star", then you should acknowledge how she regards and remembers the situations, and not say "I jerked off to her videos 1000 times btw we dont owe her somethiing". If she "pleased" you with things she didnt even want you to see,, sure you owe her something. But you might think in a too material way. You owe her the dignity of acknowledging her as a human being and apologise in your thoughts to have gotten off countless times to what she wishes had never happened. Dont you feel shame, deep within... A bit maybe? Dont ignore, thats not strenght. Face the fact you were mistaken.

    If Kylie ever reads this - forgive us. We all make mistakes during life, really dumb mistakes, but at least, some of us realize that they did something wrong, and some of us feel guilty, as in, wishing it had never happened that weve been so wrong. Farewell, Kylie, and belated congratulations on gathering the courage. Smile on, beautiful star.

  61. 17 Feb 2015 la 18:21

    Isabella is very much correct in this matter. Thank you for posting your words as they have helped me in my confused thoughts. I was abused as a young boy by a neighbor. I HATE him for that because it has caused me a lifetime of battling back and forth between what is right and wrong. You have summed it up quite well. Thank you!

  62. 17 Feb 2015 la 20:17

    LarryD, maybe you can write some more on the subject. For instance, why do so many people that have been abused themselves become abusers? Can you shed a light on this, from your point of view?

    I hope I am not asking for something that is too painful for your. Thank you.

  63. 20 Feb 2015 la 08:37

    Let me ask you all this question, as we all know, part of Afghanistan's rural has a tradition of wedding preteen bride to drug lord as a form of debt-payment, and in the area this is considered legal. If the drug lord films his first night with the young bride and posts it online for everyone to see, does that make him a pedophile? And please remember this, we don't see this happen doesn't mean it is not happening.

  64. 26 Feb 2015 la 01:05

    Heya its me one more time. kkrish's question is interesting.

    We live in countries where they try to sell us immigration as an enrichment of culture, and thus, basically justify any traditions of the immigrants to be culture that has to be respected.
    The fact that girls are worth less than boys in some countries is weird enough, since without women the men who made these rules wouldnt have been born. This shows that it cant be bad if we strictly refuse to respect literally everything, and be proud on our own society's values. So, lets see.

    If it comes to "sell" a child to pay for something, its degrading the child to material. Thats should be ostracized. If a child is wed, its a special case.
    Back in the days when it was normal to marry not for romantic reasons but arranged, see, if I am 6 and I am introduced to a boy whos 8 and we know each other from that time, thats culture. We will be very used to belong together, as one has to get along with other family members too.

    Promised to marry someone at child age but meet him first time at like 16, 18, 20 and he demands to get along and even love him is pretty cruel and should not be culture. So the extreme of both worlds is a child married to an adult man, because - alright - she could grow up in his company and be used to that, like a daughter, but thats not what happens. Instead, that man craves her as a wife, and since he cant use her for anything on eye level, such as discussing things, all he sees is a young body that he somehow wants to use.
    It is a tradition in their society to marry them at early age so I doubt most of them are paedophile. Let alone exclusive paedo because the girl will grow up.
    But they want to "try" their new wife out as soon as possible, wich fuels a perverted male greed that is not more or less cruel than the entire issue, the man is in command in those societies and religions, and thus, he doesnt even feel guilty consuming her virginity when he thinks it is time, no matter what she thinks about that.

    This should show how these "cultures" should never be accepted by us and our values.
    In their society to rape the child is not rape because it does legally belong to him. If he tapes it on video, this would be ambivalent. It is not rape but at the same time, nobody in our countries will call that video anything but rape.
    And its good that way.
    He might not consider himself paedophile, he jsut consumes a good that he legally purchased.

    But no matter what the man is defined to be --- we would not be allowed to watch it because seeing an adult fuck a child is child pornography and hence illegal to us.
    sad but true - its not the man committing the deed who is the culprit but us who'd watch (and probably condemn it).

    That was a very interesting Question Kkrish

  65. 3 Mar 2015 la 00:11

    I was "abused" as a kid by someone too (im a male) , i rather quite enjoyed it though. for the whole abusing other people thing pinkish asked i dont really know i "abused" someone else (after i was "abused") i was young at the time nothing really said wrong to me at the time although now that im older i realise it was wrong.

  66. 5 Mar 2015 la 23:02

    pinkISH, I really am not educated enough on this subject to say why those who have been abused become abusers. I can actually control myself for the most part, but I have thoughts that aren't right, and I am smart enough to realize that. I would think is has something to do with memories, or what has been taught as a young person. I wish I could un-see what all I have seen. The internet has made it worse for me for sure. There are so many places to see the types of images that are forbidden. Who knows..... Maybe the internet has kept me out of jail actually.... hard to say.

  67. 17 Mar 2015 la 17:14

    @Isabella, you sound like a fucking feminazi trying to pass as one of us, and it's notorious. Please, kill yourself. thanks.

  68. 23 Mar 2015 la 04:26

    Essas vítimas tem que lutar para tirar esses vídeos da Internet pois ainda circulan na rede.

  69. 29 Mar 2015 la 04:29

    I have served a 8 year prison sentence for molesting a child. At one time I was also a Vicky fan. Now being a changed man by Gods grace I want to tell Kylie sorry for the time I was one of those perverts jacking off to her getting raped. That was sick and I was sick. Now despite what I did, I am now a born again child of God. He changes hearts and lives. I pray that one day kylie's dad will become a Christian, and experience this changed life in Christ.

  70. 5 Apr 2015 la 03:59

    O problema e que a vick nao e a única vítima mais e mais crianças sao abusadas e ate mesmo filmadas e esses mesmos vídeos vai para na Internet o problema também e que não tem um combate contra isso sem contar que em muitos países as crianças começam a vida sexual cedo e por causa disso e tratado como algo normal sem contar que os abusos acontece em família.

  71. 8 Apr 2015 la 07:36

    Could someone please translate Carlos Eduardo for me? Thank you

  72. 8 Apr 2015 la 13:12

    Google translate: The problem is that not the only victim vick and more and more children are abused and even filmed and such videos goes to the Internet and also the problem that has no combat not to mention that in many countries children start sexual life early and because of that and treated as normal not to mention the abuse happens in families.

  73. 10 Apr 2015 la 11:36

    I really feel sorry for the kids involved in child porn. Paedophilia is indeed a serious problem. Its nature is sick because it naturally hurt children overwhelmingly.
    I hope one day paedophiles can be cured or find a substitute for children so that real children are not harmed.

  74. 11 Apr 2015 la 23:36

    Para dizer a verdade a pornografia em geral deve ser combatida mesmo filmes adultos pois as crianças acabam sendo vítimas desses vídeo principalmente na Internet com vários sites pornos que e um perigo pois vira um vicio e doença sem contar que tem vídeos de criança se exibindo em frente de câmera conversando em chats com estranho vamo abrir os olhos gente .

  75. 12 Apr 2015 la 00:12

    What the hell is wrong with the aholes who think this crap is ok

  76. 12 Apr 2015 la 18:14

    Aqui mesmo no Brasil acontecem muitos ataques de pedófilos e por aqui a tolerância em muitos casos e zero tem ataques que acontecem por pessoas mais velhas como idosas e muito no seio familiar e claro que devemos ensinar nossos filhos a falarem se caso forem vítimas e não terem medo de entregar quem abusa sexualmente.

  77. 13 Apr 2015 la 09:05

    O sexo existe para vias de procriar mas usamos ele para prazer e claro que com o nosso atraso espiritual e moral usamos o sexo para prazer e com isso resulta na pornografia adulta que um veneno e com isso as crianças sao vítimas dessa doença então reflitamos sobre isso.

  78. 13 Apr 2015 la 18:03

    I don’t get it. Judging by what’s been described here, the girl in the video being discussed did not seem distressed and did not object to what her father was doing. Indeed it seems she may have enjoyed it. How is this still not rape? It’s called statutory rape precisely because it doesn’t matter whether or not the victim was complicit, since he or she cannot be held to know what is right from wrong.

    She may well have enjoyed whatever sex acts she performed with her father. Maybe she would have enjoyed it even if it wasn’t her father. That is not the point; if you engage in sex acts with a minor, you have raped him or her, period. The same applies even if the minor initiates the act and I am at a loss why any right-minded person would question this.

    When I was ten years old, I played ‘cowboys and Indians’ with toy cap guns. If at any stage my dad had come home from work and said, “come on son, here’s a Smith and Wesson, let’s go kill some real injuns,” I wouldn’t have been able to get my coat quickly enough. I would have loved every minute but I would have grown up to know it was wrong and to hate my father for leading me astray, just like this poor girl. Even if she was aware she was being taped, how could she know it would be shown worldwide and, at ten, could she comprehend the implications?

    It’s hard for me to imagine anyone being aroused by watching a father abusing (yes, I’ll use the word) his 10-year-old daughter who I can only assume looks her age. In fact, in some ways I’m more disturbed by those who admit to enjoying it than the father, who is obviously sick but at least was a participant and not a voyeur. However, whether someone watching the abuse is repeating the abuse has to remain something I’m not sure about. There was one abuser, the father, and his sentence should reflect how far he ‘broadcast’ the abuse.

  79. 19 Apr 2015 la 02:39

    Vamos nos unir e combater a pornografia seja ela qualquer uma pois e um veneno que está contaminando as pessoas e aqueles que estao chegando nesse planeta sexo nao e para ser feito para que outros vejam e mais idiota ainda sao as mulheres que vendem seus corpos para serem filmadas em cenas de sexo explícito elas aproveitam a beleza e o belo corpo para se venderem para essa indústria pornografica.

  80. 13 May 2015 la 12:16

    She looks like a young Brooke Shields in movie "Pretty Baby (1978)"...

  81. 16 May 2015 la 06:59

    Hi loved and STILL love the Vicky series. They are great. I have wanked sooo often watching 'Vicky' sucking her sweet dad's dick. I am not exaggerating when I say I must have filled a bathtub of cum just by watching Kylie.

    She is damn hot.

    There was NO abuse. She loved it in every video. I can tell.

  82. 22 May 2015 la 12:54

    I am perfectly agree with you, Joris Demmink. She is pretty.There was NO abuse.

  83. 31 May 2015 la 15:48

    Hoooooleeee crap!

    I just read commentary above about a 21 year old man (child) and his 11(!!) year old girlfriend who is his intellectual equal.

    You can immediately see what's likely wrong in this case. She may very well be "above average" intellectually, but not necessarily emotionally. And the emotional dynamics of females greatly involve their sexual currency value. That is to say, girls and women feel appreciated when valued as sexually desirable.

    I am not going to say that it is "wrong" or even unnatural that females should feel this way, but I will say that among humans, intellectual development at a young age is best done without sexual distractions getting in the way. We are creatures of this planet who literally require DECADES to develop into viable, self-sustaining creatures of society.

    So regardless of other "moral" arguments at play, there is one thing which cannot be denied. And that's the fact that premature sexual focus in and among children and ESPECIALLY that which is considered willing and/or consentual, is a distraction in their intellectual development.

    Are there cases where children who are "too young to be thinking such things" actually DO initiate their curious encounters? I am quite certain there are. I honestly don't know what to say about those situations. I just don't. There will be specifics which certainly lie outside of the norms and standards of expectations. But in all cases, children need love and guidance. Even and especially some pretty "awkward" guidance some adults would rather not have to face ranging from "daddy? where do babies come from" and beyond.

    Nobody is cookie-cutter. But we have to accept what it means to be human. And among these things about being human is that we have an amazingly lengthy period of childhood. Children are vulnerable in so many ways and must be protected and taught to defend themselves. And I don't mean in any particularly combative way. I mean to recognize right from wrong, to recognize and understand risk and all manner of other things. "Getting attention" is a driving motive for children and one which is easily catered to.

    Nothing I say here, no doubt, will make much difference to anyone. I can hope it might. But people with various interests will seek primarily to justify their interests rather than question them. I hope you question your interests regardless of which side of the issue you are.

  84. 5 Jun 2015 la 13:45

    As an 8 year old male, I too was "abused", though by a woman. She was someone that my family knew and trusted. None of it was recorded and uploaded to the internet though as in Kylie's case.

    My situation is a little like Rok's where I also enjoyed it. I figured out that sex was something that is private and kept it a secret. Though later when she found a boyfriend her own age, it all stopped between us.

    As for going on to become an abuser. I did experiment with children (mostly boys) my own age in secret, which would probably be considered "abuse" as well but to me at the time I never considered it abuse, it was just sex.

    Then 3 years later, I was "abused" by someone else, a man this time. Though this one feels even less like abuse because most of the time I was the one to initiate it and call him. Again, I was okay with keeping what was going on a secret. He was very considerate as well, never forcing me to do anything I was uncomfortable doing. He might have suggested some things but I still chose what I was okay with doing.

    This one ended when my mother found out through someone else telling her what was going on. She told him not to come around anymore and he agreed to that. At the time, I was a bit upset for being caught because I thought I would be in trouble too but I wasn't.

    Then in high school, it felt like the taboo was being lifted off of sex discussion. Teachers, guidance counselors and peers started talking about these things a bit more. Abstinence, protection, etc. I even learned what gay was from peers and realised what I had been doing was gay and this was during a time when homophobia was rampant. Even with all my experiences it didn't turn me gay. Maybe slightly bisexual, but still majorly preferring females.

    It was also around this time when I figured out that what happened to me was called abuse and it was illegal. This confused me because to me it did not feel as such. In retrospect I realised my mother could have pressed charges and had the guy arrested, but I am okay with her decision. Even though he is a child molester I didn't feel he needed to be punished. Same thing for the woman though she wasn't really as considerate as the guy. I harbor no anger towards them. Ironically, I was more upset with the guy because what he did with me was gay, than the fact it was child abuse. Though with the current state of affairs concerning homosexuality that fact bothers me less now.

    Most stories I hear are of people who were abused as a child and then as they grow up come to hate their abusers. Sometimes you might hear how they enjoyed it as a child like I see from the comments here which seem to indicate Kylie did enjoy it at the time but then with all the stories at some point later they all seem to hate their abusers when they have grown up.

    Sometimes I feel like the only one who has grown up and doesn't hate my abusers.

  85. 14 Jun 2015 la 12:39

    Like a tiger, if it kills people, it is because of its instinct, but after that it will be executed (my country). I sympathy for her dad, but he breaks the law, he will go to jail.

  86. 17 Jun 2015 la 03:29

    She enjoyed that, you can can see that in her eyes.Not abused.

  87. 20 Jul 2015 la 16:36

    Dear Vicky,

    You could've approached this differently, if you felt he really molested you and you didn't consent, which you did consent cause I watched you say "I want you to cum in my mouth" that's consent. You could've gotten him help instead of sending him to jail where he'll get raped by a big scary black man for 50 years.

    So are you any different from your father now? Yes now you're worst than him, cause all he did was be born a pedophile (b4uact.org)(James Cantor: APA pedophilia "minor attracted person" sexual orientation). Yet you went and instead of looking to help him, you condemned him to a fate worst than death (raped by big scary men).

    So Kylie Freeman you're an adult rapist. I hope if you have children they get molested by your husband and he convinces everyone it was you and you go to jail and get raped by big scary black men, and see how you like it for 50 years.

    I would've just sent him to counseling to control his urges, not jail time.

    But since he's in jail now, I've been inspired by this to dedicate my entire life to find girls on the playground at elementary school to "molest"(have sex with) NOT abduct because i believe kidnapping and taking away children is wrong.

    So I'll have sex with my daughter daily now while me and her eat popcorn and watch your child porn and I'll pretend my daughter is you, that way you can feel like you're still be mollested but not by your father, but by me. If I ever meet you in real life, I'll trick you into dating me, just so i can make children with you to molest.

    Have a nice day Vicky, may all your children get molested!!!!

  88. 20 Jul 2015 la 17:07

    Hey Kylie,

    Thank you for the copies of your child porn they help me not molest children.

    You should thank your father, cause if it weren't for him "molesting" you wouldn't be rich from these cases, and you wouldn't be famous.

    But it's all good cause you're my favorite porn star and i have copies of your "child" porn on my computer, and I'm about to go jack off while thinking of molesting you, so thanks for the videos Vicky. they make me cum so well now, it wasn't easy for me to find child porn until you came along.

    So thank you cause know instead of going to the playground (where i might have "endangered" the children). I sit back in the safety of my home, and don't molest any children instead I fulfill my desires by fantasizing while watching your porn.

    Legalize child porm!!! So we won't molest children!

    Not that molesting them is wrong.

    But everytime i jack off while watching vickys child porn it doesnt hurt anyone or any children,
    cause you can't molest a video screen or a video computer program.

  89. 20 Jul 2015 la 17:33

    Dear pinkish,

    Are you Kylie Nicole Freeman? and if not do you know her? Does she have a site I can go to to post my apology and confession? so i can start to repent.

    Dear Kylie Nicole Freeman,

    I'm a huge fan of the Vicky series, only because i have a attraction to children, I'm currently getting help so I can control my actions, in fact I've deleted my copies of your video, not because being born a pedophile is "evil" but because I didn't get your permission or consent, in fact if I still had copies of them id email you to ask permission to go to court with you for a "settlement" to buy them from you cause how much i enjoyed them.

    but all I know now is that i wish you could forgive me, your father, and all non-molesting pedophiles. Cause even though i was born into pedophilia and cant stop getting sexually aroused (an erection at the pool around small children makes me feel very embarrassed and ive been harassed about it even though i didn't mean to get erect) I've made a point to stay away from a situation where im alone with a child (or even a computer without supervision cause I'll look up child porn).

    As a Christian I believe I was born with this sin, but I can pray for strength to control my desires, so I dot act on them.

    But also as a Christian since you Kylie have sinned in life yourself and Jesus says"All sin is equally evil" I pray one day you'll find it in your heart to please forgive your father, and appeal his jail time (under certain conditions to register as a sex-offender and be monitored and counseling to control his urges.) cause being raped in jail is worst to me than when I was molested.

  90. 2 Aug 2015 la 08:12

    i am so sorry for what your father has done to you, i do not have any children, for the lord never blessed with the ability to have any after my cancer at a young age, and to have a person with that blessing to misuse a gift from god is a sin, i hope all goes well for you now and always, be well and blessed young lady and look to the lord for he is looking on you now

  91. 5 Aug 2015 la 15:25

    some of the comments here are downright disturbing.

    the thing that angers me most about trying to justify the actions of her father is the hypocrisy about it.

    because: the whole premise seems to be "take them serious, children can (already) consent to sex". well, the idea that someone is able to consent to sex also naturally includes being able to tell when you didn't want something to happen.

    which is exactly what she is saying about all this matter.

    on the contrary, if you believe that she "was quickly brainwashed by her mother and step father, as well as many others.", than why would that possibility (= children can be "brainwashed") only apply to her mother etc. and not to her father?

    that's the point. no matter how you "turn" it. the outcome is always: she was molested. trying to justify it is ignorant and stupid.

  92. 5 Aug 2015 la 22:19

    Hi all
    Daniel wrote on 31.05.2015
    "Nothing I say here, no doubt, will make much difference to anyone. I can hope it might. But people with various interests will seek primarily to justify their interests rather than question them. I hope you question your interests regardless of which side of the issue you are."

    I couldn´t have written it better, just want to add:

    But if we do not try things will not change to a better way.

    My thoughts: Kylie is a multiple victim...

    #1 Abused by her father, definitely!

    #2 Abused by hundreds (may be more) viewers of "her" vids (to jerk off "bathtubs full of...")

    #3 The adults should have kept her away from going public. They should have known the results...

    #4 May be she regrets one day what happened to her father. The sentence is in no proportion to what he did...

    just my 2 cents

  93. 19 Aug 2015 la 08:45

    When it first was so bad sex " it was good it was someone she trusted kylie sucked on ..She had orgasm several times and like it ,at least some of it she swallowed with a big grin on her face .. it was wrong !! But she had a great time often what a nice girl she is and not as much victim but a lovly lollita like in the movie with jeremy iron... a good movie with lot of sex...

  94. 26 Aug 2015 la 22:26

    I have also seen some of these in the past, although, everyone that would come here has for one reason or another. There is one thing no one is talking about that stumps me. While it has been years since I have seen it, I recall one that had both Kylie and a second young girl in it. She was described as being Kylie's sister in the title... is no one wondering who she is? What about for the investigation? It's strange that no one behind official news stories, no one here on either side of the debate OR Kylie herself have mentioned this second unknown girl.

  95. 30 Aug 2015 la 08:49

    Stop telling people that they are "ruined for life"! I've heard of a similar account directly from a person, who admitted to not really being ruined, but seemed surprised by it. If you don't actually feel bad about it (or *that bad*), then you don't! Don't believe that you *should* feel bad. In a case like this, that's society victimizing you worse than your dad ever did. Well, as one person pointed out who saw these videos, she was happy and sure didn't seem forced or abused (unlike other cases). Some of these kinds of stories just don't add up.

    I can't obviously judge everyone's personal experience saying it was good or bad (unlike what the law and people who get up on their high horse do), but it seems like merely having sex is not something that should ruin you. It's just sex. You had sex, with your mom, dad, some guy you met, whatever. It happened. Maybe you regret it, but if you otherwise had a normal life, then you're still (mostly) normal. Don't let people who claim to be helping you convince you that your life is ruined! That's bullshit! If you suffered real abuse, whether sexual or otherwise, then it makes sense if you need some extra help dealing with it.

    I've never had sex and that ruined my life. I never got what I wanted, neither a spouse nor sex at least, and the resultant depression will lead to an early death for me. Not having success with females has been a source of depression and low self-esteem since I was 8 maybe. So, yeah, we can all have problems.

    Maybe an adult having sex with a child is twisted, but how about convincing someone to end the life of their parent and to enjoy it and feel like a hero for doing it? People used to kill a goat if they couldn't punish someone who broke a law because as long as someone suffered, then God would be happy. This kind of non-sense is still at the root of much of societal thinking and even the so called justice system. It's just a technique to make some people feel better.

    For some little bit of perspective, without going into details to prove it, sometimes even like 7 or 8 year olds can be interested in sex to some degree all on their own without convincing. It is not bad. That's just how it is. If one were to get just what they were interested in from an adult, is that really abuse? Just a thought.

  96. 12 Sep 2015 la 20:39

    bt she enjoyed it! Wat a bitch! her poor Dad!

  97. 12 Sep 2015 la 23:36

    Why did she have to be so cruel?

  98. 21 Sep 2015 la 13:18

    Killing is OK Us kills people everyday and nobody cares and you say you are ok where is hypocrecy you mtfcs

  99. 30 Sep 2015 la 14:04

    I don't usually delete comments, but the latest one was really upsetting. Please keep the discussion within the limits of the law. Thank you.

  100. 1 Oct 2015 la 18:01

    I am embarrassed to say that I have seen these 'vicky' videos and at the time gained gratification from them. I always used to think that it's ok, it's not me doing it so there is no 'victim'. I have served a prison sentence and am now seeking professional help on this matter. No matter what your personal views in life, a child is a child, not an object of sexual desire. I feel so bad for Ms. Freeman for what she was subjected to and for the lasting echo of the Internets depravity. To her I directly apologise for viewing her in such a way. Kylie, I am so sorry.

  101. 23 Oct 2015 la 21:24

    Kylie, is this really you? I don't know if you remember me, Victor from 13/14yr old.

    Victor LD

  102. 26 Oct 2015 la 00:54

    Hi Kylie, I have what may be a bit of a weird question for you. First, though, please let me establish some context.

    Starting when I was 8, I used to stay with an older male neighbor for a couple of hours after school. It was just my mom and I, and she would sometimes work late. This neighbor was a gentle, older widower, so I guess she never thought of him as a threat.

    After a little while, he and I started doing things. Most of the time, it would involve him giving me oral. Quite frankly, I enjoyed it, it felt amazing, and it was a very enjoyable experience for me. He never hurt me, threatened me, or asked me to do anything I didn't like. I considered this man to be a friend, I learned quite a lot from him. I even had my very first orgasm with him. Over the course of the next couple of years, he helped me to have any more. I still remember how amazing it felt, and how I wanted more of it.

    I have not personally seen your videos, however I have heard things about them. I'm curious if you also had orgasms when you and your father were alone. Do you remember how they felt?

  103. 26 Oct 2015 la 13:55

    pinkISH, I recently saw one of your video's by chance. My feeling before seeing it was that I am appalled by sexual expliotation of a child and that remains my position after I witnessed it also. I would never seek this material and I reported to the hosting service where the Illegal material was posted. I made an effort to seek you out to appologise to you that I watched this dreadful abuse. We are strangers and I have no right to see your past. Especially not something that was so devastating to you. I hope you're doing well and you have my best wishes for your future.


  104. 26 Oct 2015 la 16:31


    This is not Kylie's blog. The above post is just to let everyone know of the outcome of Kylie's story.

  105. 28 Oct 2015 la 00:44

    I'm a bit confused by this now... does kylie actually see any of these posts? Are you or indeed this site affiliated with her in anyway? If not, what is the purpose of this blog other than for people to obviously gloat about there peadophile tenancies?

  106. 28 Oct 2015 la 00:45

    Or even tendancies

  107. 29 Oct 2015 la 19:59

    What's done is done. Countless viewers have seen and most likely enjoyed the videos. Kylie is a superstar, that can't be changed. She was well beyond the "age of reasoning" when she performed for the camera and her dad and no one seems to think she was forced. Punishing her viewers won't benefit her. She should have traveling seminars about house flipping, retirement planning, or... who gives a fuck what it is? She could become very wealthy. $25 or even $50 bucks a person could pack the house. To actually meet a superstar? Experience her charm, finesse and class; get her autograph? shake her hand? a picture with her? Many of her fans would feel it would be worth it.

  108. 29 Oct 2015 la 23:38

    Sick sick man

  109. 1 Nov 2015 la 22:42

    I find this hilarious how people ate offended by these comments from the so called sickos.
    I'm pretty sure these guys are trolling, this is the Internet people say whatever they want.

    I don't believe anything what these guys said and dont believe they saw the vicky vids, I'm sure the vids would be long gone by now.

  110. 1 Nov 2015 la 22:52

    I have a question. What happens if a child sexually abuse an adult.

    Like they can blackmail the adult. Cause we know one line a child says will have the adult locked up

  111. 12 Nov 2015 la 15:39

    Turns out that "flipping houses" isn't too far from the truth. But mostly i was using sarcasm. Kylie uses her real name, allowed her image and video on tv. I dont know if that's bravery or something else. But this could make her easy to "find" on the internet for a computer person and be a bother to her. She has a new life and seems happy and a glowing smile.. Everyone should be happy for her and let the past be the past.

  112. 29 Nov 2015 la 23:41

    We were stuck on 112 comments forever

  113. 18 Dec 2015 la 08:51

    Whoever the administrator is here, this is not helping! Allowing these comments to remain here can only be hurting Kylie and victims who came here for insight. Kylie if you ever read this, I am very aware of what you endured. I am so sorry for you. I hope that one day you can put it behind you. I have a daughter whom I love beyond words. It simply breaks my heart to know that anyone could ever do such a thing to a child whom they know loves them more than anything. Or any child for that matter. It is clear that these are people who are trying to find your old videos and wound up here. Again I am so sorry!

  114. 2 Jan 2016 la 15:58

    Happy New Year all :)

    When pinkISH created this post, I'm sure that they didn't expect this to still be active almost 5 years later - But here we are.

    As many others in this thread, I have watched several of the "Vicky" videos. And I enjoyed them - For one simple reason. She was happy.

    She laughs, she jokes, there's some minor chatter going on... But it's easy to see that she's not distressed about the ordeal. It's easy to see when someone is smiling falsely, or being forced to smile, but she wasn't doing any of these. There are many other videos (Someone further up pointed to the "Tara" videos) where the girl was NOT happy. I personally despise these videos.

    But anyways - Onto the current state of affairs.

    Her dad was punished for taking his for his daughter to another level - A level that is despised by the majority of humanity. It reminds me of the prosecution of homophobia not too many years ago - People being ostracized and arrested for who they are. Yet today it's understood, and accepted. If a friend told you "I'm gay", you'd laugh, be happy for who they are, and carry on with life. Yet if a different friend told you "I'm a pedophile" you would despise who they are, and try and distance yourself from them. That is the current state of things. If you say you'd love to see the latest supermodel naked, most people would be fine with that - Because it's something you enjoy, and that's socially acceptable. Yet find someone biologically attracted to younger children, and it's now "wrong". I remember the sayings of "Pray the gay away!" and "I used to be gay, and saw the error of my ways". How funny those things seem today - The thought that someone can simply choose to not be attracted to something.

    Things will probably change in the future - Not any time soon - But they will change. In the far future people will look back at humanity and their flaws - How they prosecuted witches - How they saw people of color as lesser people - How same-sex marriages were at one time illegal - And how a kind, caring, and intimate relationship with a young person was considered taboo.

    Good luck with the year ahead, stay safe, and learn to be more accepting :)

    - Unknown

  115. 16 Feb 2016 la 14:31

    Really good girl!

  116. 3 Mar 2016 la 03:34

    This all is bullshit you was never a victim still not you were willing all you had to say no more and I'm sure your dad would of said ok. You loved your dad's cock. You and females alike make sex as it's wrong. Incest is hot yes young is hot to I would never simply because I love my freedom much much much more but it should be legal.

  117. 3 Mar 2016 la 03:37

    You think what you did to your poor dad is right and funny that makes you a useless worthless piece of shit list you ruined his entire life his entire existence however he ruined nothing of yours nor did he ruin you.

  118. 3 Mar 2016 la 20:03

    She loved that cock! When she plays with the tongue, she was enjoying that. I've seen hundreds of vids, hundreds of kids sucking, just few with pleasure, she was one of those.

  119. 7 Mar 2016 la 03:26

    Psychology is not really the speciality of the folks here.
    If you are in a situation that you dont want, say picked up by friends on an afternoon you didnt want to hang out with, sure you can laugh and smile. But you didnt want that afternoon to be initiated.

    Also, its so ironic how everyone claims to have seen tons of her clips and she always loved it, but only I am the one mentioning she cried. And openly saying you watched hundreds of kids sucking cocks, you better have a good proxy or whatever, because certain uniformed people might pay a visit to admire your collection and then say "Know what, you are so cool, you should move to a cooler house." "One that has a bar?" "One that has many bars." --- Enjoy.

    I have thought about wether fifty years sentence were a bit much for Freeman. He should not have distributed the stuff. One just cant tell how bad it was to her back then - or how it perhaps grew within her as she entered puberty, maybe feeling dirty or embarrassed. She dissociated, if her own tellings are to be believed. I rather think she was uncomfortable with it in the first time(s), thus cried. Later, she experimented, perhaps not even aware what he did with her was not legal. Later, figuring it, and also due to onset of puberty, she was disgusted because its not a boy her age but a fully grown man, and realizing this was not how things are normal. hat mustve been the point where she said "no more".
    If else he's been a good father, it would have been nice if they had not gone to police with the issue. But I think in puberty she suffered an embarrassment, knowing what she had done, that she could not tell anybody, but always wanted - to relieve herself. When she finally told it to ther mother, the mother mustve exploded over these thing from the past - and Kylie mightve burst into tears both from embarrassment and relief, which mustve given her mother the push into the direction to get him jailed. Kylie might have not found it as terrible as her mom when it was finally out, but learning the entire world had seen her because Freeman uploaded it, mustve been what turned her heart into stone and determne to get him to jail. Getting so much affirmation from the media must have made her feel that he abused her much much more yet than he did.
    And yes. either the family will refer to him as somebody from the past that is a monster they never want to see again, or she might have regretted or will regret it one day, thinking "I'd forgive him, he has been long enough in jail." Butsince they wont release him just because she thinks its enough she might live with the next terrible ordeal, the question "Why did I overreact back then and let him go to jail for that long."

    Most of all however, we are all not involved. This is an issue only between these family's members. All I think about is, why is the world as it is. This includes hoping the best for her, but also, hoping her father isnt breaking apart over his sentence. I would like if she'd start to visit him and they could find to each other to forgive what happened.

    Ah yes, and: One year after Mister Johns thoughtful recommendation of me being a femnazi and to kill myself, I wonder whom you (yes you, the dumb one) refered to as being "us"?
    If you think you speak for other paedos, trust me I know enough to say they are usually no dimwits, and if you proudly stand in the rows of complete idiots on this comment wall, then read my posts again, I never tried to pass as one of "your people".

    Im a person with deeper opinions, and hence, one with posts that aim at the subject of doing justice for vicky, and fill certrain lines. You cant claim to be any of those three things. Youd be screwed now but for sake, a wise person named John gave me a helpful hint for such situations: Kill yourself. Thanks.

  120. 15 Mar 2016 la 05:29

    After reading everthing here I have to give my opinion to this subject.
    It started when I was 6 years old (I'm now 54). I remember I had strong sexual fantasies. It was a fantasy of people touching my naked body, mastrubating me. These fantasies helped me mastubated until the skin on my Penis was sore. At age 7 I noticed my younger sister (3 years younger) did not look like me between her legs. Of coures I wanted to see more and touch her. I noticed she had a hole down there and wondered why. She told our mother I had touched her there and our mother told me it is the private part of her body and it was not for me to to touch her there or stick my finger or something else in her hole. It just made me more curious. I have two older brothers (7 and 9 years older). Sometime later I found a book with naked men and woman in thier room. The woman had hair down there and that turned me off. Ever since then, I have a picture in my head of how I like to see a female vulva. No hair and well formed! Girls age 6 to 12 or a little older are my favorite. Well, it was at the age of 10, when I found out why girls have a hole down there. In school they showed us an animated Short Film about the human genital organs and thier functions. This really made me curious to try what I had seen. One evening, soon after this my sister (age 7) and me were alone at home and I knew that it would be late until our parents would come home. I was playing Barbie and Ken with my sister and I asked her if she would like me to show her how babies are made. She agreed and we undressed the dolls and I laid Ken on Barbie moving him up and down. I asked her if she would like to try it with me. She agreed and we went to her bedroom and got undressed. She laid in her bed and I got on top of her and tried to enter her vagina. It was the wrong angle and I was to heavy, so it took awhile until we found a position she felt well with. I explained to her, that my penis has to go in her hole and she needs to spread her vulva lips apart and guide my penis to her hole. She did what I said. WOW! I was so excited! It was warm, moist and a feeling I had never felt before. It didn't take long and I reached my orgasm. I got off her and I was scared to see her vulva was pink, swollen and her crack was spread apart. I asked if I hurt her. She said it was nice and I should not tell anybody what we just done. She said it is a new game we can play when ever we are alone. Almost every weekend we played our new game.
    Often our parents had a couple that came to visit to play cards. They had a daughter my age and we often played dolls together. I don't remember how I got her to trust me, but I remember we would pull our pants down and examine each other. She was not in the same schoolclass I was in , but she told me she had seen the same film in school and a girlfriend told her she had sex with a neighbor boy and if she wanted, he would do it with her too. She didn't like the boy and asked me if I would do it with her. Hey, this sounds like some maked up fantasy. It is the truth. I was in seventh heaven. I had two girls willing to play what we called a game. We had a great time and used every chance, me doing it with my sister and her in one bed, side by side. But since our Father was a Military man, we had orders to move. We moved back closer to our mother's family. My sister was 8 and I was 11 at that time.
    I started to ejaculate white creamy fluid and tried to hold my orgasm back as long as possible to enjoy being inside my sister's warm, moist vagina. I had no problem to hold my erection and I could have 4 to 5 orgasm without stopping very long. I also mastrubated daily as often I had a chance too. I learned alot about what a girl likes and taught my sister how she could mastrubate and she had her first orgasm with my Penis in her vagina. I could feel her vagina pull together and pumpe holding me tight inside her. We often mastrubated together and then she let me in her. We did it in bed, on a chair, the livingroom couch, on a table, on the floor, in the bathtub, outside in the woods. This went on until she was 10 and I was 13. I went through a phase mastrubating with other boys and 2 male cousins. One cousin lived in our neighborhood and was almost daily at our house to visit. He is a year older then my sister. To pep up our game I told my sister about mastrubating with him and asked her if she would like to try sex with him. Since my sister did not want me to do anything with other girls, she told me to set up a plan, how to join him into our game. Well, we were a little old, but I thought the lets play doctor game would be a good starter. I got him to take his pants off and lay in my bed, then called my sister in and he first wanted to chicken out, but I talked him into staying and to close his eyes. I let my sister try to get his Penis erected, but no go. I sent my sister back out and started to mastrubate him and slowly his Penis was fully erected throbbing with each heartbeat. I called my sister back in and she stripped her cloths off quickly and laid down beside him. I told him what to do and it seemed to me it took him hours to reach his orgasm. It was so hard for me to wait until it was my turn, watching him pumpimg in and out of my sister. But by his jerking movings I knew he was close to ejaculating. His Penis was wet and little drops of sperm dripped out of the tip. My sisters vulva was pink, swollen and I could see his sperm in her crack at the opening to her vagina. His Penis was shorter then mine, but his was thicker what did expan her crack more. Now it was my turn and it was a new surprising feeling how wet and warm her vagina was from the sperm of our cousin. After my Sperm joined his, we took turns penetrating her vagina. Sometimes we did this for 2 - 3 hours. It was funny to hear the squishing sounds it made penetrating her vagina. It was cool to watch his Penis going in and out of my sisters vagina. I also liked to spread the lips of her vulva and watch her mastrubate, watching the ejaculated fluid running out of her vagina.
    After my sister was 11, we started to worry about her getting pregnant. The last time I had sex with my sister was when I used a condom. It was not the same feeling and I was very disappointed. To top it, the condom busted. A half a year later she had her first period.

    Ever since then, I have the urge to have sex with girls age 6 and older. But so far, I have never let this urge take control over me. When I was 42 I had a weak moment. Some girls from the neighborhood would come by to use my computer. Thier parents knew me and trusted me. The youngest girl was 12 and she liked sitting on my lap letting me massage her. One evening we were alone and she was complaining about pain in her legs. So I started to massage her legs. I let her lay in my bed and worked my way up from her feet to her thighs. She was a little chubby and spread her legs to let me massage the inner sides. She asked me if she could use my toilet and went to pee. When she came back she left her pants off. She said it feels better to be massaged without her pants. Heh, this 12 year old girl was wearing a pink string. She laid back down and pointed to the inner side of her thighs and said that her pain was there. I started massaging her there. A few minutes later her right hand was under her string and she started to mastrubate. I was stunned and stopped massaguing her. I watched her rub her clit for a minute and then she opened her eyes and said, I bet you would like to lick me down there. I asked her if she really wanted me to do that. Without saying a word, she lifted her butt up and I pulled her string down, put my head between her thighs and let my tongue play with her clit. It didn't take long and she was close to her orgasm. I stopped and she got mad and wanted to know why I stopped. I told her to relax and I would show her the pleasures of her body. I taught her that she can have muliple orgasms, the hot spots of her body and the word "NO" means no go buddy! Our sexaul relationship went about 3 months and petting was the ultimate limit I set for myself. One of her favorits was to see my penis ejaculate. I never forced her to do anything she didn't want to do and I didn't do anything to her without her prior permission. I tried my best to explain everything before I did it. I'm sure she would have agreed to have intercourse with me, but I didn't want to rob her virginity. I wish it would be legal to do what I have done, but there are just to many pedophobic people that don't set limits to thier feasibility urge and fantasies. I'm sorry that Kylie Freeman alias "Vicky" had a father that only had his own egoistic sexual feelings control his doing, instead of teaching her how to enjoy her body. But at least she did try to find some pleasure, useing her finger to rub her clit.

  121. 24 Mar 2016 la 17:12

    Liked very much vicky girl . Only daddy could let vicky do more on her own with him and let vicky enjoy her sex with father Kenneth.. Father was only thinking of her self and not on let doughter have own strong oragasm . vicky was not allowed to have sex and do what she wanted .. Then vicky not had to feel like a victim in bed , but feel more like having full controll on her own sex..

  122. 27 Mar 2016 la 16:03

    I don;t know who this Kylie slut is but from the pictures she looks fat and ugly

  123. 30 Mar 2016 la 00:19

    Do you know what I find horrible? That we send people to jail just for showing naked bodies to kids or sex or love, but if we show them murders, war, killing, weapons, that's just fine...

  124. 8 Apr 2016 la 11:54

    1st up seriously pinkish your going to let people post their fantasy stories now come on that's messed up. A discussion is valid but people saying its fine is helping no one and should be deleted along with the guy posting his sick fantasy shit

    Many years back i found peer2peer whilst using internet cafes and of course searched porn which very easily led to coming across child videos including the the ones she was in. because it was taboo it led to a interest in these videos and a interest in taboo is a dangerous thing because now i look at kids in a different way i do not act on it and i stay away from kids but the thoughts are there.
    I don't view anything like that anymore but my mind is different because of it.
    just like i used to see killing videos which desensitized me so much it doesnt bother me now

    To the people defending it for fun or real you are all very sick and are not funny and do need shooting in the face. It doesn't matter that a child only realizes its wrong later if you see the effect this has on victims you know its wrong and thinking otherwise is just ignorant.

    People saying she is enjoying it and smiling etc are just morons.
    look at any yt video of people bouncing things in amazing trick shots you might have 10 amazing shots each one cut from the next this is because they don't show you out takes of all the shit attempts just the perfect shots cut together. As a guy said their is a video of her crying apparently which i have not seen so the videos you see are after her tells her what to do etc they dont include the before with the threats talking because that would spoil his videos he cuts what he wants to see.

    Viewing pictures can become a addiction that can lead to other things like a interest in kids they should up the punishment for owning material to the level that no one wants to go near it

  125. 14 May 2016 la 04:15


  126. 22 May 2016 la 08:55

    Hi kylie I loved your videos I must have come a thousand times over you your dad was so lucky to have a daughter like you . You loved every minute of it

  127. 22 May 2016 la 18:11

    He could have stayed lucky, if he hadn't pissed her off by posting their affair on the internet.

  128. 6 Jun 2016 la 10:15

    I did almost 9 yrs for molesting a child. Since then I was ordained a pastor and I now have a prison ministry. I wrote Kenneth Freeman a couple of times and never heard back from him. Like most pedophiles I was also a "Vickie" fan. I was attracted to children all my life. I was at one time known as Z-Man on underground forums. I can't change the past. But I will make a positive difference in the lives of others for the rest of my life. Jesus came to save sinners like me. Jesus is there for anyone. All you have to do is turn from your sins and trust Christ

  129. 20 Jul 2016 la 05:55

    It is not the actual relationship with her father that caused and continues to cause her so much pain. It is the fact that he uploaded the videos to the internet, where they continue to be distributed over and over again. Had it not been for the videos, she would have long gotten over the whole thing.

    I myself had a sexual relationship with my father. He was a gentle and loving man. I loved what we did together and still remember him fondly.

    But, if he had posted videos of our activities on the internet, to float around eternally for all to see, I would of certainly have been traumatized by the whole thing. And very, very pissed off.

  130. 17 Oct 2016 la 08:10

    I'd shut down the comments for this thread, but it looks like people wannna write some more on the subject. So they're open again, by request.

    Bro, open the comments on Vicky´s thread, where is your freedom of spech?
    17 Oct 2016 la 03:04

  131. 25 Oct 2016 la 00:44

    they will never stop it cause the govt dont , meanwhile guys go to jail for copying the sick bastard

  132. 26 Oct 2016 la 23:14

    The only reason Vicky/Kylie is so upset is because these videos prove what a slut and a perv she is. She isn't drugged. She isn't putting up a fight. She isn't manipulated. She is having the time of her life fucking her dad and now everybody in the world knows what a sicko she is :)

  133. 27 Oct 2016 la 03:53

    Abuse? Really? When you see that they are talking, and he made her laugh, laugh together, she did it with true smile in the face.
    When she looks to the screen checking how sexy appears on video and talk about flavours, oh my god. Just somebody really comfortable can talk in that way.

  134. 18 Nov 2016 la 02:36

    I busted a nut many times to Vicky years ago..hell we r close in age...I loved watching her cum for daddy

  135. 18 Nov 2016 la 09:30

    This has gone on long enough. Please keep your posts decent.

  136. 11 Sep 2020 la 22:20

    If there was one thing we could all agree on, you would think it would be this: minors should be protected from sexually aggressive adults. Yet, with a nod to “equality” under the law for the gay community, the California Assembly has voted to lessen the potential penalty for 24-year-olds who have sex with children as young as 14. Shockingly – or should I say, revoltingly – this is one of two, similar bills that have just been passed by these legislators.

    As explained by Greg Burt of the California Family Council, “The California legislature finished it’s 2020 session on Monday by passing a controversial bill that reduces the penalties on some adults who have consensual sex with minors as young as 14 years of age.”

    Why on earth would they pass something like this? Why would they want to potentially reduce these penalties?

    I understand that the sexual acts are allegedly “consensual” and that the difference in age can be no more than 10 years. And I understand that some people end up having to register as sex offenders who really do not fit the bill.

Blah, blah, blah