Jarvis Cocker - Mother, Brother, Lover (PDF download)

I bought this on Amazon in Kindle format and converted it to PDF. I removed the lyrics and copyright notes, keeping only the good stuff: author's introduction, notes on songs and acknowledgements. This is not automatically converted, it's nicely formatted for all you Pulp fans out there.

mother brother lover

The few lines that interested me were these:

DISCO 2000

The year 2000 seemed to be a significant date in all the science-fiction books, comics and films I was exposed to as a child. By then we would be living in 'The Future'. The thought of actually being alive when it came around was mind-boggling.

'Your name is Deborah' I was born in Nether Edge hospital, Sheffield on 19 September 1963. The woman in the bed next to my mother gave birth to a daughter a few hours later. The girl was christened Deborah Farnell and we were in the same class all the way through school.

'with woodchip on the wall' Woodchip is a very cheap form of wallpaper.

'Be there two o'clock by the fountain down the road' The Goodwin fountain at the top of the Fargate pedestrian precinct in Sheffield was a popular meeting place. Unfortunately it was demolished in 1998.

Download Jarvis Cocker - Mother, Brother, Lover (PDF)

For Stef, Irina & Oana :)

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    As a Christmas gift?

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    It will be nice. :)

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