ITV casting leads for Aerosmith film

Docu-drama casting rock lookalikes

ITV Studio’s "Breaking the Band" follows rock legends Aerosmith through their meteoric rise and back into obscurity, with drug addiction and in-fighting tearing the band apart. This high-end docu-drama is seeking performers with good facial resemblances to the young Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, and Brad Whitford. All roles are male, playing age 20–30, and white. It’s desirable but not essential to play your character’s instrument. The team are also seeking female performers, playing age 20–32, for the roles of Elyssa Jerret and Cyrinda Foxe, as well as males, playing ages 38–45 and 50–70 for the older Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. The production shoots 17–21 August in London and pays £250–£400 depending on roles. The team are seeking actors based in or near London.

My question for Eleanor Palmer, casting researcher: which is it, Steven Tyler or Steven Taylor?

LE: The Aerosmith episode of "Breaking the Band" airs Sunday, January 31, 2021 on REELZ.

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