How to remove the KQF plugin footer

KQF is an interesting WordPress plugin that deals with RSS feeds in various ways. The problem with this plugin is that it adds a footer to both the admin panel and the blog itself.

After looking for a fix, I've tried searching thru the php files. I discovered that the footer code of this plugin is added using the following code:

$content = preg_replace('/(<\/body>\s*<\/html>)\s*$/',

You can find this code in plugins/kqf/includes/core.php on line 49 (in version 1.8.0 of the plugin).

What that particular line does is it looks to replace the end of the theme's regular HTML code:


with its own code!

Now, we can't have THAT, can we? All you need to do is add a character to the replace string and it won't work anymore!

Here's what I've changed that line to:

$content = preg_replace('/(<\/body1>\s*<\/html>)\s*$/',

I've replaced the body with body1 and the original footer code will now remain intact.

Enjoy a stress-free awesome plugin!

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