How to activate Silverlight on Google Chrome

Following a stupid update by Google Chrome on April 17, 2015, Silverlight is no longer a default feature when using Google Chrome with Windows. When watching live streaming or videos in a Silverlight-powered player, a message is displayed asking you to install Silverlight even if it is already installed. In order to allow and activate Silverlight in the Google Chrome browser, please follow the steps below:

1. Copy and paste the below address in your browser address tab and press the Enter keypad:


2. From this page, look for Enable NPAPI (probably the 10th item in the list) and check that this feature status is set to "Enable".  If the status is set to "Disable", click on it to switch it to "Enable".

3. Click on the 'Relaunch Now' button at the bottom of the page. This will close and re-open Google Chrome.

4. Go to the page with the video player and in the top right corner of the address bar you will notice a puzzle icon with a red cross. Clicking on it will open a window indicating that a Silverlight plug-in has been blocked.

5. Tick the first option, "Always allow plug-ins on...", and then click on the Finished button.

Enjoy your video!

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