Honest people driven to piracy

This is a review for the "Married...With Children" series on Amazon Prime, from a user living in the United States:

Great show. What I have a problem with is that before I bought season 1, I checked the price for all 11 seasons and every one of them was listed at $4.99 (each season). So I bought season 1, then 2 & 3 at $4.99 each and when I went to buy season 4, I noticed it was priced at $19.99. As a matter of fact, seasons 4-11 were all priced at $19.99 each. So instead of buying seasons 4-11 at $4.99 each for a total of $40.00, I am now looking at a total of $160.00. This is a result of pure greed. Once they see that you enjoy a show they figure that they can jack up the price and you will pay it. Not going to happen. They just lost $40.00.

People may say whatever they want, there's always someone trying to find an excuse for this kind of corporate behavior. But the proof is in the pudding.

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